Kelly & Michael: Baby Buggy Event + Men and Women’s Memories


Kelly & Michael: New Baby

Kelly Ripa’s assistant Lauren may have been in labor at the start of the show. They weren’t quite sure, but baby Charlie may be on the way. She didn’t take any classes and said that she has a pretty high tolerance for pain. That’s brave. She’s actually 10 days past her due date. But the baby will come when it’s ready. There was a new baby on the show a couple of months ago, but besides that there haven’t been that many.

Kelly & Michael: Gotham Review

Kelly, her sons, and Michael Strahan all watched the new show Gotham last night, though not together. I haven’t watched it, but I’m planning to. It looks really good. I like superhero kinds of shows and I think it’ll be fun to see all of the Batman characters before they grew into themselves. And people have been saying really good things about it. It also just looks really well done and well put together with a strong cast.


Kelly & Michael: Ray Donovan

Kelly & Michael: Baby Buggy Event + Men and Women's Memories

Kelly & Michael talked about Kris Jenner filing for divorce from Bruce Jenner. (s_bukley /

Michael also has to catch up on Ray Donovan because he’s one episode short. It’s so annoying when people spoil it when you’re so close to finishing it. Liev Schrieber was actually on the show talking about Ray Donovan not too long ago. People always wonder how real that show is.

Kelly & Michael: Baby Buggy Event

Michael and Mark Consuelos are both doing a Baby Buggy event downtown. It’s run by Jerry Seinfeld’s wife, who really puts everything into it, and it helps families in need in the city. This event is to help encourage fathers to get more involved because having a father figure can make a huge difference. Jerry Seinfeld will also be there, along with Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, and Hugh Jackman. You can donate baby stuff to Love Recycled.


Kelly & Michael: Women vs. Men’s Memories

There’s a new study that talks about why men never remember anything. Kelly thought it was because they never listen in the first place, but Michael said that unlike women, men let stuff go and move on. The study found preliminary evidence that women are actually better at recalling memories, especially autobiographical ones. They record them faster and with more specific detail.

But that’s actually an environmental thing. Apparently, mothers speak differently to their daughters than their sons. They talk about emotions and ask for more details with their daughters. Then they talk about what you should do with your emotions with their sons. I think it’s wrong that people do this for a whole host of reasons, but I’m not at all surprised that the study found this. One thing you can do is ask your kids about their day and ask them about details.

Check out the video here:

Kelly & Michael: Kris and Bruce Jenner Divorce

Kris Jenner has filed for divorce from Bruce. Michael actually saw Bruce not too long ago, but they just talked. They didn’t talk about Kris or anything. He’s apparently a really nice person. They separated a year ago and Kris has finally filed for divorce. They were together for a really long time though so this must be so hard, especially because they’re such public people.


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