Kelly & Michael: 2013 Oscar Nominations & Seth MacFarlane Interview


Kelly & Michael: 2013 Oscar Nominations

The nominations for the 2013 Academy Awards have just been announced, but unfortunately, both Kelly and Michael were shut out! “I wrote a speech and everything!” Michael said. Better luck next time, guys!

The talented stars who did get nominated include Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln (the film has the most nominations with 12), and Jessica Chastain for Zero Dark Thirty. However, Jessica’s director, Kathryn Bigelow, was snubbed, as well as Ben Affleck for directing Argo, who had almost been a sure thing.


Kelly & Michael: 2013 Oscar Nominations & Seth MacFarlane Interview

Kelly & Michael discussed the 2013 Academy Award nominations with Oscar host Seth MacFarlane. (Joe Seer /

Here’s a fun fact: the Best Actress category features both the oldest nominee in history, Emmanuelle Riva (85) and the youngest nominee in history, Quvenzhane Wallis (9). Michael imagined his girls, who are eight, being nominated for an Oscar. How would he ever get them to clean their room again?

Kelly & Michael: Second Annual After-Oscar Show

Remember when Kelly & Michael announced that they had a “big announcement?” Well, some of us caught it, but many missed it because of the ferry accident in New York. Thankfully, no one was killed, but 74 people were injured in the crash, and the news interrupted the hosts’ big moment.


“We are getting married!” Kelly & Michael yelled. “Don’t tell our spouses!” Actually, as you may have guessed, that wasn’t the real announcement. The hosts were happy to report that they will host their second annual After-Oscar show on Monday, February 25 2013 at the Dolby Theater. They’ll be able to check out all of the post-Academy Awards fun live from Los Angeles.

Kelly Ripa: Giant Squid Images Captured

In scientific news, Kelly reported that scientists have finally captured live images of giant squids in their natural habitat. These mysterious, majestic creatures have always fascinated through legends and folklore, which Kelly and Michael attribute to their squiggly tentacles. The Discovery Channel will be airing the full footage, but the hosts got to check out a very cool sneak peek.

Michael Strahan: Americans Have Shorter Life Expectancy

Michael discussed the news that Americans have the shortest life expectancy of the world’s rich countries. The American life span is just over 75, while those in Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Australia and Sweden have an expectancy of 85. The reason? Perhaps poor diets and healthcare, as we pay twice as much for health care and live 10 years shorter than everyone else.

Also, it’s no secret that Americans over-work themselves. Michael grew up in Germany and he recalled businesses shutting down for good on weekends and people enjoying long, relaxing vacations for up to a month. Stop and smell the roses, America!

Kelly & Michael: Ambassadors For Kids’ Night On Broadway

Kelly & Michael were also pleased to announce that they’ve been named ambassadors for Kids’ Night on Broadway. The week-long event allows parents to bring their kids to a Broadway show for free and enjoy exciting backstage activities. It’s a great way to introduce kids to theater. For more information, check out

Kelly & Michael: Oscar Host Seth MacFarlane Interview

Kelly & Michael were then lucky enough to chat with Oscar host Seth MacFarlane, who announced the nominations along with Emma Stone. Seth is the first Oscar host in 40 years to announce the nominees and is even nominated himself for Best Original Song.

According to Seth, the biggest snub of all was Ben Affleck. “He’s like the Matt Damon of directing,” he joked. When asked to comment on Leonardo DiCaprio’s omission from the list, Seth replied, “He was the tiger of Life of Pi, was he not?” The Oscars should be pretty funny this year with Seth MacFarlane at the helm. See all of Seth’s interview in host chat below.


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