Kelly and Michael: Rice To Riches Review, Beyonce Lip Syncing & GMA


Live with Kelly & Michael: Beyonce & Rice Pudding

This morning was busier than most for the co-hosting team of Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. What did they think about the Beyonce lip syncing scandal, and why does Kelly love the new business Rice to Riches?

Michael Strahan: Good Morning America

Michael Strahan got an early start as a special guest co-host of Good Morning America. He called the GMA team his “extended family.” He said it was an honor to fill in for Robin Roberts, who remains on medical leave.


Michael also got to do some karaoke with the GMA team. It is not the same when you split up the co-hosts. On the show, Michael tried a caffeine pie, which had him wide awake. Kelly said she thinks they put something in the coffee over there that hypes people up.

George Stephanopoulos told Michael he arrives for work at 3:30 a.m., which sounded more like bedtime or the end of a wild night to Kelly and Michael. “In the words of Dolly Parton, ‘I’m finally putting on my clothes and going home,’” Michael said.

He added that Dolly Parton and Yogi Berra have some great quotes, which is undeniable.


Kelly & Michael: Beyonce Lip Syncing

Kelly and Michael: Rice To Riches Review, Beyonce Lip Syncing & GMA

Kelly and Michael shared stories about Beyonce lip syncing, Michael’s stint as GMA guest co-host, Kelly’s Rice To Riches review & mixed weight couples.

The word is in scandal at reports of Beyonce lip syncing the National Anthem at the inauguration this week. I am not sure why that is such a bad idea. For one thing, that is a very difficult song to sing. Also, cold weather is not great for the vocal cords.

I don’t know why Beyonce gets so much flack for lip syncing on this occasion. As Kelly noted, we know she can sing. Now there is speculation that Yo-Yo Ma finger-synced at the inauguration four years ago.

The late Whitney Houston made a memorable taped performance of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, so what is the difference?

Kelly and Michael: Food Bowl with iPhone Dock

Mark Consuelos can never put his phone down when he is at home. Michael found a Ramen noodle bowl that comes with a built-in iPhone dock. “Or you could put regular soup,” Michael suggested.

“One more way that we can be all disconnected from each other,” Kelly joked.

Kelly & Michael: Chronic Exhaustion & Lost Productivity

Did you know that 1/3 of American workers do not get enough sleep? This is according to yet another new study. Virtually no one in the studio audience said they got enough sleep.

Kelly reported that “chronic exhaustion” costs billions in lost productivity. She said she sleeps for about five hours each night, “if I’m super lucky.” Michael said he needs lots of food and sleep. Kelly did admit that she knows she eats more when she doesn’t sleep very well.

Kelly and Michael: Rice To Riches Review

Michael said he ate dinner too early last night. He ate around 6:30 or 7, and he and Nicole were both hungry again by around 9 p.m. They could not find any really good snacks, and they were looking for ice cream (even though it is freezing weather).

Kelly said she has been eating leftover rice pudding that she got for her son, who was sick. She gets it from a rice pudding bar called Rice To Riches, which sounds amazing. Kelly admitted that she has been eating it one spoonful at a time.

All Michael could find to snack on were chocolate protein bars. Kelly and her family also tried to throw out all the junk food, but it did not last. She admitted that she had to rummage for some snacks she tossed out.

Kelly & Michael: Mixed Weight Couples

Though Kelly and Michael are very active, along with their spouses, there was a recent trend story about mixed weight couples. This body disparity can lead to conflict at the grocery store or different activities and interests, from the gym to dining out.

Michael read that this can create turmoil even in situations such as what to wear for a night out. Kelly recalled that her husband would get on a health kick anytime she was pregnant. She said she gained 68 pounds. “I was a circle with feet,” she said.

The baby was eight pounds, 10 ounces. She joked that she sent the doctors in to search for a twin to explain all that excess weight. It did seem to bother her that Mark kept in great shape during this difficult time for her.

Michael said he enjoys pregnant women and rubbing their bellies. But he pointed out that you have to make sure someone is pregnant before you go in for the rub. “I believe you should eat whatever you want when you’re pregnant, whatever makes you happy,” Michael said.

Kelly and Michael: Unstoppable Moms Contest

After plugging Children’s Motrin, Kelly reminded everyone about the Unstoppable Moms Contest. She shared some of the submissions that have been received so far. The moms have grueling schedules and go the distance to be there for their families.

Another mom learned she was pregnant as her husband was deployed in Iraq. She juggled motherhood, school, work, and pregnancy. The deadline to enter the contest is February 8, and the grand prize winner will get $100,000.

Kelly said that she would not win the award, because she grounded her daughter just this morning for wearing leggings as pants to school. “You know how I feel about that,” Kelly said.

Blizzard To Beach Trivia: Michael Strahan Intern

Susan McClellan of New Hyde Park, New York, was the day’s trivia caller, playing for a trip to the La Playa Beach Club in Naples, Florida. Here was her question. Do you know the answer?

Who did Michael Strahan say acted as his intern over the weekend?

Susan knew the answer was Usher. She also helped someone in the audience go home with an Omaha Steaks gift certificate.


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