Got Milk Vs Milk Life, Jimmy Kimmel Expecting + RIP Harold Ramis


Kelly Ripa’s New Hair Part

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan agreed that her new hair part is finally working out, now that her hair has decided to cooperate. Michael said he had a part for awhile in college, and there was a photo of him in his Texas Southern jersey to prove it.

Kelly and Michael: Jimmy Kimmel Expecting a Baby

Jimmy Kimmel and his wife, Molly McNearney, have announced that they are expecting a child. Strahan will be a guest on his show later in the week, so he and Kelly decided they needed to brainstorm the proper baby gift. Michael’s first idea was a big box of diapers, and Kelly’s idea was shares of Disney stock, which is apparently doing exceptionally well lately.


Kelly & Michael: Got Milk Vs Milk Life

Got Milk Vs Milk Life, Jimmy Kimmel Expecting + RIP Harold Ramis

After years of popular Got Milk? posters, there will be a new campaign to get everyone drinking more dairy, this time with the updated slogan Milk Life.

Remember the popular Got Milk? ads from the 1990s? Michael said he did one after winning the Super Bowl. But with milk consumption on the decline (down 25% since the ‘70s), the campaign is coming to an end.

Michael said he used to drink a gallon of milk a day. The new promotional campaign is Milk Life, which Kelly thought was a good idea, but Michael thought it was cartoonish. Do you like the new slogan?


Kelly and Michael: Breast Milk for Genders

Medical science has proven that the quality and content of breast milk can change based on your baby’s nutritional needs as he or she grows. However, scientists have now discovered that the milk varies depending on the gender of offspring.

Rhesus monkeys produce 35% more fat and protein for their male children, whereas female babies receive more calcium. Michael wondered what happens if you have twins of different genders.

Kelly & Michael: Polar Vortex Prevents Flash Flooding?

Temperatures are falling, but news reports claim the Polar Vortex’s return is a good thing. That’s good news because it could prevent flash flooding due to the snow and ice that is already on the ground in the Northeast. Michael said this all could have been prevented if it hadn’t snowed so much in the first place.

“We’ve gone to a level where we now think we’re warm in 50-degree weather,” Kelly said, whereas in California those temperatures would be considered a cold snap. Ripa said it always rains when she is on the West Coast when she visits, like this upcoming weekend for the Academy Awards.

Though it was exceptionally cold in the eastern United States in January 2014, it was the fourth warmest on record for much of the rest of the world. Alaska and parts of California experienced temperatures as much as 15 degrees above normal.

Kelly and Michael: Scotland Soccer Swearing

Soccer fans in Scotland shouted so much profanity that the broadcast of the game had to be delayed for six hours to edit out the loud swearing from the background noise in the stadium. Kelly Ripa said that a handful of guests have dropped some shocking curse words on live TV.

Kelly & Michael: RIP Harold Ramis

Actor, writer and director Harold Ramis passed away at age 69. He was involved behind the scenes and on screen in a variety of popular films, including Animal House (as a writer), Caddyshack (director), National Lampoon’s Vacation (director), Ghostbusters (writer/co-star), and Groundhog Day (writer/director).

Wheely Wild Winter Travel Trivia: Beth Behrs & Josh Henderson

On the phone was Rose Hoffman from Buffalo, New York, who was playing for a vacation at the Green Valley Spa in St. George, Utah.

What city did we say both Beth Behrs and Josh Henderson recently visited?

The answer was Nashville, and someone from the studio audience also received a $500 Bed Bath & Beyond gift certificate.


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