What Would You Give Up For Lent? New 300 Movie Preview + SAT Overhaul


Kelly & Michael Ashtags: What Would You Give Up For Lent?

This week was Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent. A brave woman in the audience said she is giving up alcohol for the religious observance. Kelly Ripa said that she gives up the same thing every year as a sacrifice: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, which she claims are 90% of her diet.

“You have one, and I swear, that’s it. That’s my drug of choice,” she said. Michael Strahan did not have anything in mind to give up, but his first choice was work. Kelly said her kids always attempt to give up school, but it never works out. Michael admitted that he loves snacking on Tate’s thin chocolate chip cookies.


What Would You Give Up For Lent? New 300 Movie Preview + SAT Overhaul

An SAT overhaul will return the test to a 1,600-point score and remove difficult vocabulary words. Kelly & Michael thought it was meant to be hard.

Observers who took selfies of themselves with ashes on their foreheads for Lent are calling themselves Ashtags.

Kelly and Michael: 300: Rise of an Empire Preview

Michael Strahan saw an advance screening of the latest 300 movie, 300: Rise of an Empire. He said that it’s going to deliver for fans, and he went along with many co-workers. “I always wondered what I would be like in those days,” he said, debating between the tough guy or the bad guy. Kelly suggested that he would be a hero.


In those lawless days, he observed that there was no negotiation, and everything was settled by a fight. He also said that it was interesting to see everyone outside the workplace in a social setting. Michael admitted to Kelly that their colleague Julian is the weirdest outside work, but he is also the weirdest at work, according to the hosts.

Kelly & Michael: SAT Overhaul

The SAT is getting another overhaul, according to Kelly Ripa. The essay portion will become optional and obscure vocabulary words will be removed. She wondered whether this is going to change the standards and make the test easier. “They’re going back to the 1,600-point scale,” she said, by 2016.

It seems like they do this every decade or so. “I thought it was supposed to be as hard as possible,” Strahan said. What if words like ‘selfie’ end up on the vocabulary test?


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