Do Froot Loops Have Different Flavors? Expired Food Smell Test


Kelly & Michael: Do Froot Loops Have Different Flavors?

Kelly and Michael hung out for a Presidents Day chat, and Kelly Ripa started off by talking about her frequent exercise classes, which often include loud music. She used to worry that it could damage her hearing. But according to a new study, blindfolding yourself could improve your hearing, under the theory that other senses are heightened to overcompensate for the loss of one sense.

To put this theory to the test, Kelly asked Michael Strahan to wear a blindfold for an experiment. He had no choice but to agree, and her plan was to test his sense of taste. Rather than bugs, the test used Froot Loops sorted by color. Sugary cereal may not be Michael’s forte, but he thought they all tasted the same…and he was right! This proved Kelly’s actual secret theory that Froot Loops all have the same flavor.


Kelly and Michael: Expired Food Smell Test

Do Froot Loops Have Different Flavors? Expired Food Smell Test

Do the colors of Froot Loops have different flavors? Kelly Ripa blindfolded Michael Strahan and put him through a taste test to find the sugary answer.

Kelly said she has another food-related phobia, because she always wants to avoid spoiled food. Computer chips in food packaging can now text you to let you know that food is going bad. Michael worried that this technology would drive up the cost of food, but Kelly said she would rather not have to sniff the milk. “I’ll eat it and figure it out later,” Michael said. His theory is that you might get a good cleanse if you eat something and find out after the fact that it had spoiled.

Kelly & Michael: Older Brains Contain More Information?

The brains of older people may work better than you think, according to Strahan. New information said that these brains just have more information to compute. “You have it all there. You’ve just got to find it,” he said. “Which means I have prematurely aged, because I think slowly.”


Kelly and Michael: Big Mouth Billy Bass Scares Burglar

Kelly Ripa is a fan of a good dumb criminal story. She reported about a burglar that was scared by a singing fish, Billy Bass. The suspect broke into a bait and tackle shop, and the singing fish scared him enough to break a window to escape.

Executive producer Michael Gelman dusted off his Big Mouth Billy Bass, which was introduced on Live! many years ago. The fish serenaded the hosts with a Presidents Day song…that is one cheap security system.

Kelly & Michael: Top Teacher Bora Bora Vacation

The 2013 Top Teacher Winner, Suzette Stewart from Katy, Texas, took their prize trip to Bora Bora, and they sent in a few photos of themselves on vacation with cutouts of the hosts.

Wheely Wild Winter Travel Trivia: Sage Kotsenburg

Deborah Miller from Oak Lawn, Illinois, played trivia to win a vacation to Mexico’s Fairmont Mayakoba Resort.

Who did Olympic gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg say was the first person he called after he won his gold medal?

The answer was his father, and someone in the audience also won $500 from Fandango.


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