Flappy Bird App Pulled, Michael Strahan Weekend Off + Bora Bora


Kelly & Michael: Bora Bora Background + #EndWinterNow

Kelly and Michael hosted the show in front of a backdrop featuring the tropical destination of Bora Bora. The hosts are celebrating #EndWinterNow Week on the show, helping us to at least mentally escape from the low temperatures.

Kelly Ripa’s daughter is going through confirmation exercises at her church. She and her daughter had to do an exercise together to talk about what is special about the teen. However, Lola instead took this as an opportunity to stand up to her mother and demand her cell phone back.


Michael Strahan said that mothers and daughters sometimes clash, and wondered why that is a pattern. Kelly suggested it may be estrogen, but she called it “a ticking time bomb.” Other activities included being tied together during this church retreat to work together and get out of them.

Flappy Bird App Pulled, Michael Strahan Weekend Off + Bora Bora

The creator of the game Flappy Bird has pulled the app from web distribution, despite making $50,000 daily in revenue, because users were playing too much.

Mark Consuelos, who did the retreat with Kelly’s son Michael year earlier, did not remember any of this. Her son said that Mark slept through a lot of it. But Strahan said the subconscious never sleeps.


Michael Strahan Weekend Off

Michael Strahan got a weekend away from everything and escaped the city for his first weekend off now that football season is over. He turned down all requests for his company and got out of town to relax. He said it is relaxing and he feels fresh now that the football season has wrapped up.

Kelly & Michael: Flappy Bird App Pulled + Mark Zuckerberg Donations

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla topped a list of philanthropists for 2013, giving away $970 million in money and Facebook stock, some of it to a Silicon Valley nonprofit. Michael shared this story and thought it was a nice thing to do, and Kelly said she worries that people are living longer now and need to be prepared for longer retirements than ever before.

However, Zuckerberg is a billionaire, so he will probably be fine no matter how much he decides to give away. Kelly said she wants to create an app so she can cash in.

Michael also talked about the game Flappy Bird, which inexplicably became an overnight sensation. Even though he was making $50,000 a day from advertising, he walked away from the popular game and pulled it from online distribution. He complained that people were overusing his game, and he followed through on his promise to remove it.

Kelly and Michael: Mary McDonnell Baby

Live staffer Mary McDonnell and husband Will welcomed a new baby to their family over the weekend. Baby Will, born on February 8 2014, weighed eight pounds, two ounces. Kelly said their co-worker never looked pregnant until about three weeks ago. Michael was disappointed that they did not use either of the hosts’ names for her baby.


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