End Winter Now Forecast, Canada Ice Man + Anthony Johnson Snow Angel


Kelly & Michael: End Winter Now Forecast

The hosts began the morning’s show outside the studio, where it is snowing once again in New York City. Kelly and Michael were disappointed that their plan to End Winter Now had not worked. But they quickly returned to the warm studio, which was done in the style of Miami, Florida, for the day.

They were especially thrilled to welcome their studio audience, who braved the winter weather to show up for their favorite morning team. Michael said he does not look outside before he leaves the house, because he does not want to know. He said snow hit him in the eyes during his walk to work in the morning.


End Winter Now Forecast, Canada Ice Man + Anthony Johnson Snow Angel

WABC meteorologist Anthony Johnson made a snow angel to show the depth of snow accumulation in New Jersey, as Kelly & Michael failed to End Winter Now.

Kelly, who had her hair colored with some pink highlights last night, was sad that she had to be out in the elements with “bat-sized snowflakes.” Speaking of the weather, the hosts checked in with WABC’s Anthony Johnson, who was in New Jersey for an update on the snow and ice.

Kelly and Michael: Anthony Johnson Snow Angel

In Old Bridge, New Jersey, traffic was light because the roads were taking a beating. The rest of the East Coast has already seen the effects of this story. Johnson was impressed with the audience as well for making it through the morning’s conditions to get to the show.


To demonstrate the depth of the snow, Johnson braved the cold and made a snow angel. He encouraged everyone to stay inside and watch TV until the weather improved. “You’re my snow angel,” Kelly said to Anthony, who thanked his cameraman, Marvin Hoffman.

Then it was time to check out a live shot of Miami, Florida, where local meteorologist Todd Tongen said that rain showers have cooled the beach down to 70 F. Temperatures could drop to the 50s overnight, inciting a “sock and sandal warning.”

Kelly & Michael: Ice Man Triathlon

In northern British Columbia, an annual Ice Man triathlon was canceled due to the extreme cold temperatures. “When you’re having a cold festival and you cancel it because of the cold, you’re in trouble,” Kelly said.

Michael said that temperatures of -28 F were what called it off. He said that humans are supposed to know better than to be out in conditions like that, since it is unsafe even for animals.


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