Daylight Saving Time Side Effects, Flying Snakes + Oldest Man Age 112


Kelly & Michael: Daylight Saving Time Side Effects

The co-hosts started Monday morning by dancing onstage and singing along to “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors, who are on the show today. Kelly Ripa said her parents are technologically challenged and probably could not enjoy music from iTunes.

Kelly also said she felt robbed of the hour of sleep this weekend due to the start of Daylight Saving Time, but she is happy about longer-lasting daylight. Ripa said her family overslept on Sunday, missing church and going to Chinese mass instead.


Michael Strahan said that he slept through his morning workout, admitting that he actually went back to sleep on purpose. He wanted another day or two to adjust to the new time. A modest proposal: can’t we stay sprung forward forever? I agree with Michael’s suggestion.

Daylight Saving Time Side Effects, Flying Snakes + Oldest Man Age 112

Kelly explained the science behind why flying snakes glide through the air, which did not comfort Michael, especially since they could fall out of the sky.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford told everyone on Twitter to set the clocks backwards, which would be restful but confusing. “He just can’t seem to get out of his own way,” Strahan said, citing unbelievable but entertaining media interviews.


Kelly and Michael: Flying Snakes + Falling Koala Bears

Science Times is one of Kelly’s favorite publications, and it has recently investigated the science behind flying snakes. The slithering is the same way the creatures move on the ground, except they are gliding between trees in the wild.

“The skin and the way they move” are some of the things that bother Michael most about snakes. Kelly said that in Australia you will see animal warning signs for koalas falling out of trees, as well as gliding snakes. Now Michael has a new fear to watch out for, and he may never visit Australia.

Kelly & Michael: Oldest Man Age 112

In New York City, the oldest man celebrated a birthday by turning 112 years old. Ernest Perrenot said he has never consumed alcohol or smoked cigarettes. “Take care of your body and your body will take care of you,” he said as advice. The man has lived through a lot of history, and his mind is still sharp.

Kelly said that we often hear stories about the reverse, when people live a long time while indulging in vices on a daily basis. You never know how your body will respond to certain conditions and changes.


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