#ColdSelfies, Mega Blizzard Forecast + National Weatherperson’s Day


Kelly & Michael: #ColdSelfies

Winter is in full force around New York, and Michael Strahan said that he does not even like to look outside during bad weather until he has to walk out the door. Who can blame him? “The city’s like a big, wet pinata. Just surprises everywhere,” Kelly Ripa said.

The sloppy, icy weather has made people obsessed, Kelly said. There is a new trend of #ColdSelfies, which Kelly claims she started last May by accident. She showed the picture of herself shivering back in May. “That’s the original cold selfie,” she explained.


#ColdSelfies, Mega Blizzard Forecast + National Weatherperson's Day

With a potential Mega Blizzard on the way, #ColdSelfies are the new trend in social media this winter, with friends and family sharing pictures of themselves braving the snow and ice around the US.

Gelman shared one of his own photos from a winter ski vacation, but the hosts just made fun of his fancy ski goggles. Have you taken any #ColdSelfies during this year’s wild winter weather?

Kelly and Michael: Mega Blizzard Forecast

Could a Mega Blizzard be heading for the city on Sunday? The early predictions have varied between three inches and 30 inches. “That’s just giving yourself too much leeway as a weatherperson,” Michael said.


The hosts talked to WABC meteorologist Bill Evans who was outside the studio with an update on the Polar Vortex, which Kelly claims has reinvigorated Bill. The snowstorm is spread over a wide area, and it is hitting the same spots as some past storms.

Kelly & Michael: National Weatherperson’s Day

Right now, the potential storm is hovering over Arizona, but it will be making its way Northeast across the country in the coming days, dumping snow everywhere along the way. Kelly put Bill on the spot, but he ducked a specific answer about how much snow to expect, finally nailing it down to 6-12” of snow with an ice storm.

February 5 is also National Weatherperson’s Day, and they have plenty to keep them busy this time of year, so be sure to appreciate the people who tell you what to watch for.


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