Can Crocodiles Climb Trees & Valentine’s Day Tech Greetings


Kelly & Michael: Portofino Getaway + Laughing Gas

The hosts were dressed for a getaway to Portofino, Italy, the latest destination of End Winter Now Week. Kelly Ripa teased the men’s swimwear fashion show coming later in the hour. Michael Strahan told him backstage that he should put on some fat.

Strahan said he loves Portofino in real life, and Michael Gelman told the hosts to use their imaginations. Ripa and her family have some friends visiting from out of town, so they had some wine and brilliant discussion about the world’s problems.


Strahan said he does some of his best thinking and problem solving at the dentist’s office when he gets laughing gas for his teeth cleaning. He thought he should make notes, but doubted he would be able to read them afterward. Kelly wondered why Strahan got laughing gas for such a routine happening, but he said he simply likes it.

Kelly and Michael: End Winter Now Forecast

Can Crocodiles Climb Trees & Valentine's Day Tech Greetings

There’s another reason to be afraid of the jungle, because we have learned from scientific research that crocodiles climb trees up to 13 feet high!

The hosts thanked their studio audience for lining up outside in the cold weather before the show. “It’s hard to bum rush a revolving door,” Kelly pointed out after Michael suggested that they attempt to overpower Gelman.


Just in time to End Winter Now, another major winter storm is setting its sights on the New York area. Kelly said her aunt sometimes gets confused by the background, so she probably thinks they really are out of town.

Kelly also complained that weather forecasters have such leeway when it comes to forecasting, because “between six and 12 inches” is a big difference. Michael sent his well wishes to those in the South, which is getting another round of wild winter weather.

Kelly & Michael: Can Crocodiles Climb Trees?

According to the Herpetology Notes Journal, crocodiles may be able to climb 13 feet up in the air to lie in the branches of trees. Michael said he wants to see video evidence to prove this. Kelly thought this should be even more terrifying than snakes.

Kelly and Michael: Valentine’s Day Tech Greetings

Valentine’s Day is Friday, February 14, 2014. Michael wondered what Kelly would think if Mark Consuelos sent her Valentine’s greetings as an electronic message. “I would think somebody hacked into his phone,” she said.

A survey found that 52% of people are OK with electronic greetings. Michael thinks it should be more personal than a text message or a tweet. I have a beef with couples who are constantly broadcasting their romantic feelings on Facebook, as a form of digital PDA. Kelly said this is just how we communicate these days.

Kelly and Mark have a couple whose daughter’s birthday is Valentine’s Day, so they usually celebrate at her birthday party.


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