Late Show With David Letterman: Top 10 Questions On The Dog IQ Test


Late Show: Dog IQ Top 10

Do you think your pet could pass an IQ test? If you’re willing to put money on it, you can get the results, and the Dog IQ Test was the inspiration for the night’s Top 10 list.

David Letterman: Show Business Weekend

Recently, Dave joked about the Weekend Late Show, a fictional program that was supposedly so awful that it had to be replaced by something at least as bad.


Late Show With David Letterman: Top 10 Questions On The Dog IQ Test

Do you think your pet could pass the Dog IQ test? For the night’s Top 10 list, the Late Show with David Letterman put together some sample questions.

Linda and Bruce, the co-hosts, landed an entertainment roundup called Showbiz Weekend, to replace it. I wonder if people think this is a real show.

Late Show: Showbiz Weekend

Who packs his or her own lunch? Which celebrities have gingivitis? These are the types of stories you might hear about on Showbiz Weekend, which sadly is pretty much on par with the content of Access Hollywood or Inside Edition.


I don’t really get the point of making that a recurring segment, but I guess they are saving the good, new jokes for sweeps.

David Letterman: Dog IQ Test

Did you know you can go online and pay to let your dog take an IQ test? It’s administered through a company in North Carolina. People to anthropomorphize their dogs, but this could be a step too far.

Letterman recalled seeing an X-ray of his dog’s brain, which was very small. Aren’t games like fetch proof enough that enough is going on in there?

Late Show: Top 10 Questions On The Dog IQ Test

  • 10. Did you eat the dish towel?
  • 9. If a car is moving at 30 mph and you chase it at 15 mph, how soon will you catch it?
  • 8. Sit.
  • 7. What is it, boy? Trouble at the mill?
  • 6. Kibbles, Bits, or none of the above?
  • 5. Paw?
  • 4. Conjugate “woof”.
  • 3. Who’s a good doggie?
  • 2. Summarize the advantage of licking yourself.
  • 1. Can you parallel park a car?

This is a test I think more than a few dogs would be able to pass.


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