Late Show: Top 10 Words That Sound Like Harbaugh & Roman Numerals


Late Show: Harbaugh Top 10

The night’s comedy segments from David Letterman included some topical Charts and Graphs, as well as a Top 10 list about the Harbaugh family, who figured prominently in Super Bowl 47. What are the words that sound like Harbaugh?

David Letterman: Charts and Graphs

The Late Show’s Charts and Graphs segment is always popular with anyone who enjoys looking at data represented in a graphical format. What would you say is the biggest issue facing our country today? Here is how Letterman’s chart for this question broke down.

  • 56% – Poor Economy
  • 43% – National Debt
  • 1% – Beverages Greater Than 16 Ounces

Late Show: Super Bowl Fans’ Ability To Understand Roman Numerals

Late Show: Top 10 Words That Sound Like Harbaugh & Roman Numerals

David Letterman counted down the Top 10 Words That Sound Like Harbaugh and shared charts and graphs about modern American life and the Super Bowl.

How well can you read Roman numerals? Dave said it is unclear why the games are enumerated using Roman numerals instead of digits, since it takes place in America, not Italy.

  • XVI% – Very Strong
  • MCXTQQQ% – Poor

David Letterman: With Whom Do You Plan To Watch This Year’s Super Bowl?

  • 56% – Friends
  • 43% – Family
  • 1% – My Imaginary Girlfriend

Late Show: Qualities People Look For In Their Imaginary Girlfriends

Poor Manti Te’O took a beating from David Letterman and the rest of the media. Here is the breakdown of Dave’s chart about imaginary girlfriends.

  • 52% – Gets Along With My Family
  • 31% – Shares My Values
  • 17% – Willing To Raise Our Imaginary Kids Jewish

David Letterman: Sneeze Greetings

What do you say when someone sneezes? (Also, check out Dave’s list of the Top 10 Words That Sound Like “Achoo”.)

  • 33% – Bless You
  • 33% – Gesundheit
  • 34% – You Ruined My Soup

According to another infographic, global warming and the rising sea levels could doom us all by 2045.

David Letterman: New York High School Students’ Favorite Subjects

What was your favorite subject in school? Here are New York High School Students’ Favorite Subjects.

  • 32% – Biology
  • 46% – English
  • 89% – Mathematics

Obviously that chart was not created by a statistician.

Late Show: 90th Birthday Celebration

Have you ever celebrated a 90th birthday with a relative? What is the best way you can think of to do that? Dave said his mom traveled to the Grand Canyon for the occasion. But there are other ideas as well.

  • 16% – Gathering with family and friends
  • 84% – Resting quietly underground

David Letterman: Make-Believe Presidents

Who is your favorite make-believe president?

  • 22% – Daniel Day-Lewis
  • 18% – Martin Sheen
  • 60% – George W. Bush

Late Show: Top 10 Words That Sound Like Harbaugh

The Harbaugh brothers faced off in Super Bowl 47 as coaches of opposing teams, in what is an NFL first. That inspired Dave’s list of the Top 10 Words That Kind Of Sound Like Harbaugh.

  • 10. Hairball
  • 9. Store-Bought
  • 8. Cardboard
  • 7. Marmot
  • 6. Hoopla
  • 5. Raw Bar
  • 4. Arby’s
  • 3. Chutzpah
  • 2. “Sup, Bro?”
  • 1. Hoo-Ha


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