Late Show: Top 10 Words That Sound Like “Achoo” & Super Bowl Fun Facts


Late Show: Super Bowl Facts & Sneeze Words

Letterman counted down the Top 10 Words That Sound Like Achoo and recited some Super Bowl Fun Facts. Later, Dave welcomed a musical performance by Buddy Guy.

David Letterman: Super Bowl Fun Facts

The 2013 Super Bowl, the 47th occurrence, aired on CBS. To promote the big game in advance, Dave shared a collection of Super Bowl Fun Facts. Employ these whimsical tidbits at your own peril.


Late Show: Top 10 Words That Sound Like "Achoo" & Super Bowl Fun Facts

On the Late Show, David Letterman counted down the Top 10 words that sound like “achoo” and shared some dubious Super Bowl fun facts with the audience.

About 1/3 of the population typically bet on the big game, according to Dave. An estimated 1.25 billion chicken wings were consumed in America in 2012.

Late Show: Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl

The Minnesota Vikings have played in four Super Bowls, but have never led any of those games at any point. That has got to be embarrassing.


“Super Bowl II was actually a rerun of Super Bowl I,” Letterman said, also joking about Fran Tarkenton’s feminine name. And after Super Bowl 36, Dave said that New England’s coach, Bill Belichick, was doused with clam chowder.

David Letterman: Super Bowl Weight Gain

Dave’s other inane facts claimed that an average American would gain 27 pounds on game day, and that a referee cannot win the game. Letterman also claimed that the pregame show for the 2014 Super Bowl is already underway.

According to Dave, Storage Wars: Texas beat the 2012 Super Bowl in the television ratings. I don’t know about that, but The Walking Dead could certainly give it a run for its money. What is your favorite thing about football season?

Late Show: Top 10 Words That Sound Like “Achoo”

How would you describe the sound you make when you sneeze? Since flu season was in full swing this winter, sneezing has been a common occurrence. Dave said that “achoo” dates back to the 19th century. Here was the night’s list.

  • 10. Cashew
  • 9. The Chew
  • 8. Treasury Secretary Nominee Jack Lew
  • 7. J. Crew
  • 6. Kinkajou
  • 5. Machu Picchu
  • 4. Depardieu
  • 3. Kazoo
  • 2. Moo Shu
  • 1. Kardashian


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