Late Show: Top 10 Things Going Through Marco Rubio’s Mind


Late Show Top 10: Marco Rubio Water Bottle

David Letterman presented his Top 10 Things Going Through Marco Rubio’s Mind, based on the viral video water-sipping moment during Rubio’s Republican response to the State of the Union Address.

David Letterman Necktie Length

Late Show: Top 10 Things Going Through Marco Rubio’s Mind

On the Late Show, David Letterman counted down the Top 10 Things Going Through Marco Rubio’s Mind at his water bottle moment after the State of the Union.


Before his Top 10, the host had a little business to take care of. Dave said that he has always tried to mind his own business for most of his lengthy broadcasting career. However, he met a woman from the show’s audience who was displeased by the way that Letterman’s tie was tied on this night.

To correct the disparity, Dave pulled out scissors and evened up the tie, which is effective but probably made some designer somewhere cringe with horror.

Late Show: Urine Soaked Carpet Barn

The Top 10 was presented by Urine Soaked Carpet Barn, which collects soiled carpet from cruise ships and schools, because “most people can’t tell the difference.” The woman in the stock photo used during this ad seemed to know the difference, judging by her expression.


David Letterman: Top 10 Things Going Through Marco Rubio’s Mind At This Moment

  • 10. Smooth
  • 9. Doctors say you should drink eight glasses of water every speech
  • 8. I think I look pretty cool drinking out of a tiny bottle.
  • 7. Laugh all you want–Poland Spring just paid me a million dollars
  • 6. This would be a great closer for my ventriloquist act
  • 5. That looked presidential, right?
  • 4. I’m sure they’ll edit this part out
  • 3. OMG, I asked for sparkling water
  • 2. Marco Rubio needs his throato lubio
  • 1. By 2016, won’t America want a stooge back in the White House?

All this attention for Rubio begs the question: is this the most famous sip of water in the history of politics?


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