Late Show: Top 10 Signs Your Pilot Is A Fake & Julia Child Impression


David Letterman: Fake Pilot Top 10

After imitating the late Julia Child, David Letterman shared his Top 10 Signs Your Pilot Is A Fake, inspired by a recent true story of a faux pilot discovered in an airplane cockpit.

Late Show: David Letterman’s Julia Child Impression

Late Show: Top 10 Signs Your Pilot Is A Fake & Julia Child Impression

On the Late Show, David Letterman counted down the Top 10 Signs Your Pilot Is A Fake and ran his Julia Child impression right into the ground.


Dave offered a rare treat for the audience, in the form of a Julia Child impression. He imitated her famous voice, which I think everyone has slipped into at some point or another.

David Letterman: Police Officer Stripper

Before Letterman could proceed with the night’s top 10 list, he was surprised by a male stripper dressed as a police officer. After sending the entertainer away, he bantered with Paul Shaffer about French pronunciations and his Julia Child jokes.

Late Show: Top 10 Signs Your Pilot Is A Fake

Did you hear the story of an airline passenger who made his way into the cockpit of a US Airways flight? Upon being discovered, the man claimed he was a pilot. How does that even happen?


With this incident happening, maybe Lindsay Lohan was onto something when she got off that plane recently.

David Letterman: Signs Your Pilot Is Fake

This crazy story inspired the night’s Top 10 list.

  • 10. His wrinkled Pan Am uniform
  • 9. Excitedly tells you it’s his first time on a plane.
  • 8. During takeoff, furiously flaps his arms
  • 7. He’s also in the Skymall magazine modeling hats
  • 6. Refers to every control in the cockpit as a doohickey
  • 5. Insists on patting down each passenger himself.
  • 4. “Flies” you from gate 3 to gate 4.
  • 3. Wanders through cabin collecting “gas money”
  • 2. When he thanks you for flying, his mustache falls off
  • 1. He can’t hold his liquor

Can you think of the circumstances that would make you uncomfortable about a plane once you were already on board? Now I will be on the lookout for fake pilots.


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