Late Show: Top 10 Signs Your Doctor Has Gotten Rusty & Origami Frog


Late Show: Origami Frog & Dr Oz

After reading a recent comment about TV’s Dr Oz, David Letterman and his staff got an idea for one of their nightly Top 10 lists. Plus, the talk show host had a chance to prove his mettle in a fast-paced origami frog challenge.

David Letterman: Frog Vs Crab Origami Challenge

Before the evening’s top 10 list, a siren sounded in the studio, and the announcer informed everyone that it signaled the beginning of an Origami Challenge.


Late Show: Top 10 Signs Your Doctor Has Gotten Rusty & Origami Frog

David Letterman made an origami frog and shared the Late Show’s list of the Top 10 Signs Your Doctor Has Gotten Rusty, inspired by an article on Dr Oz.

Someone brought Dave a piece of paper, and he was given 30 seconds to attempt to create a crab using the paper folding art of origami. The band played and the audience cheered him on as he worked his magic.

Despite his protestations, he had obviously practiced this, because he made quite a nice origami frog. However, the announcer reminded him he was supposed to have made a crab.


Are you any good at origami? I don’t think I could make anything but a paper airplane in just 30 seconds.

Late Show: Would You Hire Doctor Oz?

In the February 2013 issue of the New Yorker magazine, a doctor who hired Doctor Oz in 1985 said that he would no longer send his patients to the TV doctor, who may be distracted with his media empire. Could your doctor be distracted as well?

David Letterman: Top 10 Signs Your Doctor Has Gotten Rusty

  • 10. Tries to guess your weight.
  • 9. Always carries a hacksaw and a bottle of scotch.
  • 8. Tells you to open your mouth and say, “Ahmadinejad.”
  • 7. Seems more focused on his career as a doctor-themed stripper.
  • 6. Wonders aloud, “What would Dr. Conrad Murray do?”
  • 5. Always suggests he “kisses it to make it better.”
  • 4. Instead of colonoscopy, draws sketch of your colon.
  • 3. Uses defibrillator to make waffles.
  • 2. To every question, he replies, “Let’s Google it.”
  • 1. Asks you to turn your head and call him sometime.


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