Late Show: Top 10 Signs You Have A Special Chicken & Chinese Eggs


Late Show: Top 10 & Special Chickens

What’s going on in China? At least one person is the owner of a special chicken, which kicked off the night’s top 10 list. Plus, find out who opened for the pope at the inauguration in Rome.

David Letterman: Papal Inauguration

All the pomp and circumstance surrounding the election of a new pope has come to an end with the inauguration of 76-year-old Pope Francis. Dave is fascinated with the fact that the man has only one lung.


Late Show: Top 10 Signs You Have A Special Chicken & Chinese Eggs

On the Late Show, David Letterman counted off the Top 10 Signs You Have A Special Chicken, after sharing a story about a chicken laying giant eggs in China.

News coverage followed the ceremony, which 200,000 people watched from St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City. Letterman said there was even an “opening act” before the inauguration, and he shared a video to prove it.


Late Show: Cardinal Ventriloquist Act

In the video, a cardinal did a ventriloquist’s routine from the pope’s balcony, to cheers and applause from the crowd.

David Letterman: China Population

There is always something going on in China. With a population of over one billion, you never know what everyone may be up to.

Letterman said he ultimately hopes that everyone will “play along,” whatever that means. It wasn’t too long ago that the Olympics were in Beijing. Suddenly, the air was clearer than it had been in decades.

Late Show: Top 10 Signs You May Have A Special Chicken

In China, a chicken laid an egg that was three times larger than its normal size. When they cracked it open, two yolks and another whole egg were found inside. This could lead to a one-egg omelet, in Dave’s view.

It also led to the Top 10 Signs You Have A Special Chicken, the night’s top 10 list theme.

David Letterman: Top 10 Signs You Have A Special Chicken

  • 10. Lays eggs and bacon
  • 9. Clucks in five languages
  • 8. Holds a Bachelor’s degree in hotel management
  • 7. Struck down law defining marriage as between a rooster and a hen
  • 6. Knew when to invest in Apple and when to get the hell out
  • 5. Comes with soup, salad, and choice of potato. (No, I’m sorry. That’s the sign you’re having the chicken special.)
  • 4. The chicken is on the short list to replace Alex Trebek
  • 3. Can scientifically prove the egg came first
  • 2. Regularly lays ping pong balls with winning lotto numbers
  • 1. Is only member of its family not currently a McNugget


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