Late Show: Top 10 Questions To Ask Before Traveling With Your Monkey


David Letterman: Traveling With Your Monkey

Justin Bieber has been generating a lot of attention this week after his pet monkey was confiscated in Germany. Dave talked about considerations to take before traveling with your monkey, so it is not quarantined like Bieber’s was.

Late Show: Ed Sullivan Theater

Late Show: Top 10 Questions To Ask Before Traveling With Your Monkey

In light of Justin Bieber’s recent troubles, David Letterman shared the Late Show’s list of the Top 10 Questions To Ask Before Traveling With Your Monkey.


Dave held up The New York Times front page from April 2 2013, in an effort to distinguish the night’s impending appearance by frequent guest Regis Philbin. This was a new episode, for what that’s worth.

Letterman said that he feels his show staff and crew are like a family. George Clarke, building engineer at the Ed Sullivan Theater, recently put together video segments about the behind the scenes workings of the facility.

David Letterman: George Clarke Ed Sullivan Theater Tour

George and a camera visited the building’s 10th floor, which according to joke legend houses an aquarium. That sounds like quite a tour.


“I love it when the setup is longer than the bit,” Dave said, which is probably something the curmudgeonly host does love.

Late Show: Justin Bieber’s Monkey

Justin Bieber’s monkey trouble in Germany has made the late night shows this week. His world tour has taken him all over the place, but his pet monkey is coming as a surprise to some.

Dave said he considers traveling with a monkey to be a red flag that could only lead to trouble. It could be worse; he could be traveling with a more dangerous animal like a lion.

David Letterman: Top 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Traveling With Your Monkey

The night’s Top 10 list was inspired by Justin Bieber. Dave said his advice would be not to adopt a pet monkey. “The banana money alone is going to kill you,” he suggested.

Here are the Top 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Traveling With Your Monkey.

  • 10. When was my last tetanus shot?
  • 9. Would it be easier to FedEx the monkey?
  • 8. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?
  • 7. Should I take my monkey out of school for this?
  • 6. Are we visiting countries that consider monkey a delicacy?
  • 5. Isn’t this the premise of every disease-outbreak movie?
  • 4. Will other travelers mind the smell of monkey?
  • 3. Should my monkey and I just take a staycation?
  • 2. Do I have my monkey’s allergy medicine?
  • 1. Germany is welcoming to monkeys, right?


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