Late Show: Top 10 Biblical Television Shows & New Gaucho Pope


Late Show: Biblical TV Top 10

After checking in on the Gaucho Pope on Broadway in New York City, Dave revealed the night’s Top 10 list of Biblical television shows.

David Letterman: Gaucho Pope

Pope Francis is the first pope with that name. He is an Argentine cardinal who was originally born in Rome. According to Dave, this is the first time in history that “we have a gaucho pope.”


Late Show: Top 10 Biblical Television Shows & New Gaucho Pope

On the Late Show, David Letterman listed the Top 10 Biblical Television Shows, in response to the popularity of “The Bible” miniseries on History Channel.

Cut to a pope on horseback outside the Late Show studios in New York. I will be glad when we stop making pope jokes for at least another few years.

After considering the cost and quality of the gag, Dave had the Gaucho Pope turn around and head in the other direction down the street, disrupting traffic and leaving a mess in its wake.


Late Show: Tony Mendez Tax Advice

Income tax time is coming up soon, and Dave had some advice for those who have not yet started filing their returns. He delegated the responsibility to cue card guy Tony Mendez.

This year, Mendez said he got professional tax advice. However, he must have gotten confused, because he wound up at a taxidermist instead. That is an unfortunate misunderstanding.

David Letterman: Top 10 Biblical Television Shows

The History Channel is getting record-breaking ratings for its latest miniseries, The Bible.

“The History Channel is also where you’d go to see a show about a pawn shop,” Dave astutely noted. However, The Bible’s success has inspired more ideas for Biblical television shows, as presented in the night’s top 10 list.

  • 10. Leviticus and Shirley
  • 9. Gomorrah Five-O
  • 8. Curb Your Polytheism
  • 7. Abstinence and the City
  • 6. Monk
  • 5. I Dream of Jesus
  • 4. Parks & Resurrection
  • 3. Two and a Half Wise Men
  • 2. The Big Bang Theory Is A Lie
  • 1. S#*! My God Says

Would you watch any of those shows? I doubt they will be competing with The Bible.


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