Late Show: Secretary of State John Kerry Top 10 Countries & Root Canal


David Letterman: John Kerry Top 10

Kendrick Lamar was Dave’s musical guest for the night. However, he also had a top 10 list to deliver first. Check out Secretary of State John Kerry’s Top 10 Countries.

Late Show: David Letterman Root Canal

Dave said that the root canal has earned a bad reputation through the years. But he had one 10 years ago and got over his own apprehension. He also had one the night before this show.


Late Show: Secretary of State John Kerry Top 10 Countries & Root Canal

In honor of a faux pas by Secretary of State John Kerry, David Letterman counted his top 10 countries with mispronounced names. (Theodore Littleton /

“It was fast. It was painless. It was fun. It was easy,” he said, commending the American dental industry for their advances.

Letterman said that he had to see an endodontist for his procedure. The office was undergoing renovations and Dave learned that his oral surgeon is losing his lease to a hotel.


David Letterman: Relationship Therapy

He did recall seeing the long needle used to give him a numbing shot. As he was about to be numbed, the fire alarm went off in the building. The endodontist was startled and Dave said that he shot lidocaine into his brain.

Then Letterman admitted that he made up the entire story. I guess that is one way to fill an hour every night. For even more time-wasting fun, Dave gave some relationship counseling to Gary, his sound effects guy. Sound humor probably works better on the radio than on television.

David Letterman: Secretary of State John Kerry’s Top 10 Countries

Former presidential candidate John Kerry has been named the new US Secretary of State. He succeeds the former secretary, Hillary Clinton, whom Dave said would be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Pantsuit Edition.

In honor of Kerry’s appointment, Letterman presented the Top 10 Countries, According To Secretary of State John Kerry. Dave said that Kerry recently made a faux pas when attempting to name Kyrzakhstan.

Here are some more countries that you may not have heard of.

  • 10. Portuguam
  • 9. Galifianakistan
  • 8. Uncle Arctica
  • 7. Costa Regis
  • 6. Equatorial Vinnie
  • 5. Guayaguay
  • 4. Greece 2
  • 3. Belize Navidad
  • 2. Bangjohntesh
  • 1. Cameroon Diaz


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