Late Show: President Obama Prank Call & Russian Meteor Top 10


Late Show: President Obama & Top 10

David Letterman shared his top 10 list for the night, but not before sharing a staff member’s birth announcement and making a President Obama prank call. Then it was on to a meteor-inspired top 10.

David Letterman: Joe Grossman Baby Announcement

Late Show: President Obama Prank Call & Russian Meteor Top 10

The Late Show had a President Obama prank call before counting down the night’s top 10 list, inspired by dash camera footage of the Russian meteor.


Joe Grossman, a writer for the Late Show, recently welcomed a new baby girl with his wife Karen. I wonder how many babies have been born to staff members during Dave’s late-night reign. Even Letterman himself has has had one.

The baby was born on Sunday, February 17, weighing 7 lbs 1 oz, 19 1/2” long and she is the couple’s first child. Congratulations to them.

Late Show: President Obama Prank Call

Dave picked up the phone behind his desk for a call from President Barack Obama, who spent Presidents’ Day playing golf with Tiger Woods. He did not allow the press corps to go along with him on vacation.


According to the joke phone call, he enjoyed spending time outside in the nice weather. Dave steered him away from Carnival Cruises as a potential future vacation destination. Has any president or former president gone on a cruise? I’m sure that would make an interesting story.

David Letterman: Russian Meteor Top 10

The meteor crash in Russia on Friday was captured by a driver’s dashboard camera. That inspired the night’s top 10 list: the top 10 things going through this driver’s mind at this moment.

  • 10. Damn high school kids.
  • 9. Whoa, that is one hell of a floater.
  • 8. If you see something, say something.
  • 7. Do I have meteor insurance or asteroid insurance?
  • 6. They’ve elected a new pope!
  • 5. Boeing Dreamliner!
  • 4. Exactly how much closer are objects than they appear?
  • 3. Do you brake or accelerate for meteors?
  • 2. Great–Iran launched another monkey.
  • 1. Hey, Mayans! Close, but no cigar.


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