Late Show: Popes’ Lunch Top 10 & How To Make Homemade Peeps


Late Show: Pope Lunch Top 10

Find out what two popes might have to talk about in the night’s Late Show Top 10 list, and check out Dave’s do it yourself solution for expensive Easter candy like Peeps.

David Letterman: Easter Marshmallow Peeps Review

Late Show: Popes' Lunch Top 10 & How To Make Homemade Peeps

David Letterman showed the audience how to make homemade Peeps instead of buying Easter candy and shared a Top 10 list about the popes’ lunch together.


It is Easter season, and Dave had the festive treat Peeps on his desk. Both he and Paul Shaffer agreed that they are not big fans of the marshmallow snacks. This is their bestselling time of year.

Letterman held up a pack of 10 Marshmallow Peeps, which Shaffer speculated might cost upwards of $4. Dave had a solution, however.

Late Show: Make Your Own Peeps

To save money on Peeps, Letterman suggested making your own marshmallow peeps by coloring regular marshmallows using yellow markers, and black markers to make the features. You may want to shape your marshmallow to your liking.


But as Dave then proved, you should definitely not eat any marshmallows you color in with markers. If you actually need kids’ craft ideas, try The Chew’s Egg Decorating Crafts.

David Letterman: Papal Lunch

The two popes came together for a private lunch recently. Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict got together and shared a meal. That formed the basis for the night’s Top 10 list.

Late Show: Top 10 Things Overheard At The Popes’ Lunch

  • 10. Are you seeing anyone?
  • 9. I just love the Vatican City Cheesecake Factory.
  • 8. Hmmm, what would Jesus order?
  • 7. Who do you have to canonize to get some coffee around here?
  • 6. I know I’m infallible, but I should’ve gone with the chicken.
  • 5. Which of you had the margarita, no salt?
  • 4. Cardinals be crazy.
  • 3. Why didn’t I think of being the humble pope?
  • 2. Oh look at the time, I should get back to poping.
  • 1. Put it on God’s tab.


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