Late Show: David Morrissey Walking Dead & David Byrne and St. Vincent


Late Show: David Morrissey The Walking Dead Review

David Morrissey may be best known for his role on The Walking Dead as the evil Governor. He has a town full of people under his maniacal spell as he stores zombies in cages around the town for when they have fight-to-the-death games involving zombies and humans. With his town Woodbury as a sort of sanctuary for people to build up society again, it seems strange he would use it for such evil.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Morrissey explained his character as someone who enjoys the suffering and pain more than he wants to rebuild a society for people.


Late Show: David Morrissey Walking Dead & David Byrne and St. Vincent

David Letterman will talk with David Morrissey about playing the evil Governor on The Walking Dead, and David Byrne and St. Vincent will perform a song. (Helga Esteb /

“With Woodbury, he has built a sanctuary, a place of safety where humanity can start again,” Morrissey said. “But the negative side of power is like a wobbly tooth for him. He just can’t stop sticking his tongue in there. There’s something gloriously painful about it, and he likes that.”

Late Show: David Morrissey Blasts X-Factor, Other Reality Shows

It seems as if a bit of the Governor’s personality might have overlapped with David Morrissey’s life as of late, saying he objects to what reality shows are doing. He said he “objects” The X Factor and Big Brother, likening both of the shows to “throwing cabbage at people in the stocks.”


He has a problem with period dramas as well, saying there should be less period dramas and more shows about real things happening in the real world to real people.

He does remember he stars in a show about zombies taking over the world, right?

Late Show: David Byrne and St. Vincent Love This Giant Review

David Byrne and St. Vincent collaborated on the album Love This Giant which debuted in September 2012. They have decided to go on an almost year long tour of North America, Australia and Europe to promote the album. The band worked with over 30 other artists on the album with each of them contributing something to at least one song on the album.

They are going to be stopping by the Late Show with David Letterman to perform a song from the album.


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