Late Show: Top Ten Things To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Ferret


David Letterman: POW Trade

Late Show: Top Ten Things To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Ferret

David Letterman mocked Brian Williams’ interview with Edward Snowden with an hilarious voiceover. (360b /

Letterman talked about the American POW who was exchanged for the five Taliban prisoners. Letterman joked that the deal also included Joe Biden. Letterman said that he got the five for one idea at a big sale for JoS. A. Bank. He wondered what it would be like to get stuck behind the released prisoners at airport security. It was hilarious.


Late Show: President Obama’s Invisible

Letterman said that President Obama’s second term is really getting to him. It’s true. He’s beyond caring at this point though. He said that he wishes he could be anonymous. Letterman said with his approval rating, he’s pretty close.

David Letterman: Edward Snowden Interview

Brian Williams interviewed Edward Snowden on Moscow, Russia. It was very confusing. They showed a clip with a fake voiceover with Snowden saying all of these ridiculous things he’s done.

Check out the video here:


Late Show: Rangers Will Win

Letterman brought up the Rangers again. He said they’re going to win. The LA Kings are at a disadvantage because it’s not even cold enough to freeze water in LA. Then he said the Rangers’ goalie isn’t even going to use a stick in the beginning.

David Letterman: Pea Boy

Pea Boy came out and threw peas at everyone while “PEAS!” flashed on the screen. I had no idea what was going on, but it has apparently happened before. It was pretty strange and awesome. Letterman loved it and didn’t know why they stopped in the first place.

Late Show: Top Ten Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting A Ferret

Letterman did the Top Ten list. It was the top ten things you should ask yourself before getting a ferret. There was a 15-year ban, but they’ll be legalized soon. Letterman said to do something about the New York City rats first. The list was:

  1. Is it pronounced “ferret” or “ferr-ay?”
  2. Do I crave a muskier apartment?
  3. Could I glue hair onto my iguana?
  4. How many shots will it require?
  5. How many shots will I require?
  6. Is a creepier pet available?
  7. What’s the return policy?
  8. Will this fill the void left by Ann B. Davis?
  9. Does it come in white? (Donald Sterling only)
  10. How many weasels does my family need?

Watch the video here:

David Letterman: Pea Boy Returns

Pea boy came back out and started throwing those pas around again. He was definitely growing on me by the end. He was so exuberant. Letterman said that the Rangers goalie was in the Pea Boy costume tonight.


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