Late Show: Smuggler License Plate & Michelle Obama Midlife Crisis


Late Show: Michelle Obama Midlife Crisis

Before talking to Hugh Jackman, David Letterman addressed the First Lady’s midlife crisis hairstyle and delved into some Small Town News. For more jokes, see what Dave said about the Office Depot-Office Max merger.

David Letterman has had First Lady Michelle Obama on his show before. She recently got a haircut that made her new bangs very prominent. She has now admitted that her new ‘do was a symptom of her midlife crisis. Dave showed his own photo of growing bangs, which was actually Moe from The Three Stooges.


David Letterman: 911 Abuse

Late Show: Smuggler License Plate & Michelle Obama Midlife Crisis

David Letterman shared some Small Town News headlines like the smuggler license plate and discussed Michelle Obama’s midlife crisis haircut.

A woman recently called 911 when she ran out of cigarettes. Letterman said that would be like him calling 911 if he ran out of jokes.

A Burger King customer recently found himself in hot water for hitting an employee with a plastic tray “because his fries were cold.” Dave couldn’t help but wonder if New Jersey governor Chris Christie might have been involved.


Late Show Small Town News: Smuggler License Plate

What’s new in America’s tiny towns and close-knit communities? After a shout out to the service members in Rome, New York, Dave shared some small town news items from local papers.

  • The Long-Boney engagement from Virginia
  • Coke smuggler nabbed in SUV with ‘SMUGLER’ plate
  • In Arkansas: ‘Ninja’ donkey eludes the law
  • In Wisconsin: A man called police because he could not have a bowel movement
  • From Iowa: Subaru debuts all-new 36 mph 2012 Impreza
  • Lost: Solid gray kitten, male, looks like a cat

David Letterman: Small Town News

  • A Canadian newspaper advertised a sale on Natural Balance Ultra Premium Canned Cat
  • Another paper ran a black-and-white photo of a blue moon
  • Someone called the police “to report an intoxicated man eating magazines”
  • A police officer came upon three people reading poetry and told one of them “to put his pants back on”
  • In Washington state, a “man commits assault after weasel discourse”


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