Late Show: Pope Bobbleheads, Alex Trebek Retiring & Satan Vs Obama


Late Show: Alex Trebek & Pope Francis

David Letterman kicked off a new week by talking about pope bobbleheads, the announcement of Alex Trebek retiring from Jeopardy, and a controversy about History Channel’s miniseries The Bible.

David Letterman: Pope Bobbleheads

Springtime is arriving in New York, according to Dave, who credits the buoyed spirits to the new pope. There are already Pope Bobbleheads for sale, he said.


The Papal Inauguration is all set to take place this week at the Vatican. Meanwhile, Dave said that Pope Francis from Argentina once worked as a bar bouncer, which he thought might come in handy when dealing with “creepy priests.”

Late Show: Pope Bobbleheads, Alex Trebek Retiring & Satan Vs Obama

David Letterman joked about pope bobbleheads, the impending retirement of game show host Alex Trebek, and the History Channel Satan Vs Obama controversy. (Helga Esteb /

The new pope is humble and modest, by most accounts. Though the previous pope stepped down because of his health problems and advancing age, the new pope is not much younger or more healthy.


Policy-wise, the new pope is against all the same things the previous pope did not support, so Dave predicted a bright future of progress.

Late Show: Alex Trebek Retiring

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade recently took place in New York City for the Irish holiday. “How many of you attended the parade and were beaten and now have amnesia?” Dave wondered.

After decades in the position, Alex Trebek has announced that he plans to leave the game show that made him a household name. Maybe a conclave can select the next host of Jeopardy.

David Letterman: The Bible Satan Vs Obama

The Bible miniseries has been a huge hit for the History Channel. “It’s based on a book,” Dave joked. The actor portraying Satan is believed to look somewhat like President Obama, at least according to some critics.

“If President Obama was actually Satan, then the Republicans might be willing to deal with him,” Dave said.

Late Show: Republican Party Demographics

Republicans in Washington commissioned a study that produced a 100-page report, which concluded that their party is “too old and too white.” Letterman could not believe it took that many pages to reach this conclusion.

Scientists have found an extinct frog and attempted to clone it. This type of frog “gives birth through its mouth.” Dave showed a silly video of the frog eating one of its young.


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