Late Show: Montana Zombie Attack Hoax & State of the Union Valentines


Late Show: Zombie Hoax & State of the Union

David Letterman joked about the reported Montana zombie attack hoax, the coming asteroid, and President Obama’s State of the Union address during his February 13 2013 monologue.

David Letterman: Replacement Pope Job Search

Late Show: Montana Zombie Attack Hoax & State of the Union Valentines

David Letterman joked about the reported Montana zombie attack hoax.


“It’s the best place to be if you’re giving up entertainment for Lent,” Dave said to kick off his own show. As for Pope Benedict, he has been an easy target after announcing his resignation from the Vatican. Letterman believed that Tim Tebow was on the short list.

The actual qualifications may include being over age 60, a Biblical scholar, “and good at transferring creepy priests.”

Late Show: Superman Vs Asteroid

David Letterman is concerned about the asteroid that will be passing by the Earth this week. He said that he saw Clark Kent across the room at lunch, and suspects that he overheard Dave talking about the asteroid. Now if Superman prevents the asteroid from striking, we can thank Letterman.


David Letterman: President Obama Valentines

Longtime Late Show announcer Alan Kalter made a big entrance during Dave’s monologue, in the style of a presidential State of the Union, complete with the band playing “Hail To The Chief.”

As for the speech itself, David Letterman decried the “political rancor and contention” in Washington that is slowing down government. But he claimed to see a sign of hope on the horizon, in the form of a doctored video clip featuring Valentines for Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House John Boehner.

Late Show: Montana Zombie Attack

The address included topics such as climate change, gun legislation, and America’s financial situations. “Climate, Guns, Money” would have made a good Warren Zevon song. Close, Dave.

He was disappointed that the president did not mention the zombie attack in Montana. Recently, the emergency broadcast system in Montana was activated to report that zombies were rising from the dead, which triggered a total of four phone calls to the police.

David Letterman: Marco Rubio Viral Video

In a nod to the Republican response by Senator Marco Rubio, Dave took a sip of Jack Daniels during his monologue as well.

Vice President Joe Biden, a past guest of the Late Show, seemed to Dave to have caused another gaffe, reminiscent of former president Gerald Ford. In a funny clip, Biden appeared to fall under his chair after applauding a portion of the State of the Union.


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