Late Show: Kim Jong-Un Flying Motorcycles & Jimmy Fallon Vs Letterman


David Letterman: Tonight Show & Dunkin’ Donuts

Would you eat the new Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast sandwich? It sounds far too rich for me. David Letterman also shared his latest thoughts on the late night shakeup that has Jimmy Fallon taking over The Tonight Show in 2014. Soon, it will be Fallon Vs Letterman.

Late Show: Jimmy Fallon Vs Letterman

Late Show: Kim Jong-Un Flying Motorcycles & Jimmy Fallon Vs Letterman

It will be Fallon Vs Letterman in the late night wars after Leno leaves The Tonight Show in 2014. Dave still seems to be getting used to the idea. (Helga Esteb /


In re: the late night wars, Dave introduced himself as “the last man standing.” He said there is still buzz about the news that Jimmy Fallon will be taking over The Tonight Show from Jay Leno, effective in February 2014.

“It’s amazing that this information didn’t leak out earlier,” he joked. For leaving the show a second time, Leno is getting $15 million in severance. Can you imagine what you would do with all that money?

Letterman said he knows that Jay always bounces back, and maybe Fallon should be looking over his shoulder.


David Letterman: Dunkin’ Donuts Sandwich

The Dunkin’ Donuts chain offers a new sandwich of eggs and bacon, served between glazed donuts. I am sick just thinking about that combination. “Take that, Mrs. Obama,” Leno said.

Letterman’s monologue was interrupted by visitors yet again. This is becoming habitual. This time, it was staffer Kathy and a wide-eyed young man named Todd, introduced as Dave’s more younger, more likeable replacement.

Late Show: George W. Bush Presidential Library

Former president George W. Bush is preparing to open his presidential library. The expensive and time-consuming process is coming to a close, and Dave showed a behind-the-scenes video, advertising a Monster Truck Mayhem event at the facility’s opening.

David Letterman: Kim Jong-Un Flying Motorcycles

Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean dictator, is “a fun guy,” according to Letterman. He is often fighting with neighbors, Dave explained. Kim Jong-Un threatened this week to destroy America, which sounds threatening, but is probably unrealistic.

In a state video obtained by the Late Show, you can witness North Korea’s military prowess. It looked like old war movie footage to me, at least until the flying motorcycles were unveiled.

Late Show: Jimmy Fallon & Seth Meyers

Conan O’Brien got $30 million to leave The Tonight Show, and that got Dave wondering why he didn’t get a huge NBC payday for “not hosting The Tonight Show.”

CNN reported on the Fallon succession plan, speculating that Leno will return to the show in 2015, before being replaced again in 2019 by Seth Meyers. Don’t worry, though; the Late Show predicted that Leno would be back by 2023, as Letterman celebrates a 30th year on CBS.


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