Late Show: George Washington DNA Test, Chinese Hackers & Oscar Snubs


Late Show: Google Glasses & Oscar Snubs

Dave’s guests included Imagine Dragons, but first he had to start the show with some pithy thoughts about recent events, such as Google Glasses, papal elections, and more Oscar snubs.

David Letterman: George Washington DNA Test

Late Show: George Washington DNA Test, Chinese Hackers & Oscar Snubs

The Late Show monologue included jokes about a George Washington DNA test, the influence of Chinese hackers, and prominent Oscar snubs throughout history.


Letterman wished our first president, George Washington, a happy birthday. “If George Washington was alive today, I think he would say, ‘I want to see a DNA test,’” he said.

The Post Office is preparing to sell a line of postal apparel. Dave said it was borne out of customers’ envy to emulate the looks of their postal workers. He said when he tried on the clothes, his dog attacked him. For fastest shipping, he recommended having your order sent via FedEx.

Late Show: Google Glasses & Chinese Hackers

Google Glasses are the latest technology gadget out there, according to Letterman. I’m not sure where the joke is in that, other than the product being excessive.


Chinese hackers are infiltrating the US more aggressively of late. In a video clip, a man made microwave popcorn, which came out in a Chinese food takeout container instead of a popcorn bag.

David Letterman: 2013 Academy Awards

The Academy Awards are finally happening on Sunday, February 24 2013, which will be “a lot of people you’ve never met thanking a lot of people you’ve never heard of.” Will big budget films or independents win the big awards?

Dave said he didn’t really care either way. “It’s television’s answer to JetBlue. You sit there for four hours, waiting for it to take off,” he said.

He also said it takes a lot of nerve to give out editing awards during a four-and-a-half hour telecast.

Late Show: Oscar Snubs Throughout History

Dave listed some more of the most egregious Academy Award snubs of all time. Here were tonight’s notable omissions.

David Letterman: Pope Springs Review

There’s always next year, and Letterman shared a look at a new movie’s trailer. Meryl Streep stars with Steve Carell and the pope in Pope Springs: “It’s time for this pope to get his second calling.”

Dave also said outgoing Pope Benedict is up against Lincoln for an Academy Award in the category of best hat.

Late Show: Papal Election

Vatican watchers will be looking for white smoke or black smoke to determine whether a new pope has been selected. Letterman hoped they would get with modern times and just announce it via email.


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