Late Show: George W. Bush Presidential Library & Eric Draper Photos


Late Show Vs Tonight Show

David Letterman had to weigh in on The Tonight Show news of the day, as well as the opening of George W. Bush’s Presidential Library and the political scandal in the New York mayoral race.

David Letterman: Jay Leno Tonight Show


Late Show: George W. Bush Presidential Library & Eric Draper Photos

On the Late Show, David Letterman talked about the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Texas and Eric Draper’s photos of President Bush. (Northfoto /

Dave has been passed over for The Tonight Show once again. NBC announced that Jimmy Fallon will succeed Jay Leno in 2014. As Letterman explained, Leno is being replaced for the second time by a younger late night host.

Letterman just wondered how long it will be before Leno reclaims his spot on the show for a third time. What do you make of all these late night maneuvers? Dave said Leno could get a better job on a more-watched network: Univision.


Late Show: Mets Mascot & NYC Mayor Scandal

Baseball season is upon us. The Mets mascot was hit in the head with a foul ball, and Dave showed a joke x-ray of the guy in his costume.

The New York City mayoral race is heating up. One candidate attempted to buy his way onto the ballot. In addition, he was apprehended while drinking a 32-ounce soda.

Dave said he only cares about political scandals where the involved parties tweet pictures of themselves in underwear.

Letterman’s own wardrobe stylist, Sue Hum, came out during the monologue to deliver a joke about Lindsay Lohan. I’m not sure it landed, but she seems like a nice lady.

David Letterman: George W. Bush Presidential Library

George W. Bush is preparing for the opening of his presidential library in Texas. Four ex-presidents made appearances at the event. The library is supposed to include a think tank, but “that’s a pretty shallow tank,” according to Dave.

The White House has a kid-friendly version of its website to teach responsible budgeting. “The website is called,” according to Letterman. Would that this were true.

Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean dictator, may be unhinged, Dave said. He thinks the man should be angry at his barber instead of countries like America. North Korea is prepping its nuclear program, which Letterman thinks is unnecessary.

Late Show: Eric Draper Photo Book

Justin Bieber, who had his monkey confiscated in Germany recently, was in Dave’s monologue again tonight. Dave suggested that “Ben Affleck’s monkey has a plan to get him back.”

As president, Barack Obama is almost constantly in the presence of a photographer. The man who preceded him as photographer for George W. Bush, Eric Draper, has put together a book about his eight years of service. Will you check out his book? It should definitely be in the presidential library.


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