Late Night: Christoph Waltz Twitter & Super Bowl Puppy Predictor


Jimmy Fallon: Michael Bolton & The Roots

Michael Bolton, the legendary singer, was a guest performer with The Roots, Late Night’s in-house band. Plus, get a Christoph Waltz Twitter lesson from his movie character. Later in the show, Mike Tyson talked to Jimmy.

Bolton’s newest release is Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: A Tribute To Hitsville USA. Plus, he also wrote a memoir, The Soul of It All. Both are on sale now.


To promote his album, Bolton performed with Smokey Robinson on HSN Live. Fallon recalled presenting a UNICEF award to Smokey Robinson once. Fallon noticed that he was the only white person in the entire building. But it turned out that he was at an event for UNCF, the United Negro College Fund.

Late Night: Audience Suggestion Box

To continually improve the show for everyone, Jimmy Fallon takes suggestions from the studio audience. Tonight, he opened the Audience Suggestion Box to see what was inside.

The first request was to put a microphone to his chest so everyone could hear his heartbeat. Jimmy had a normal rhythm, but when Questlove tried this trick, he had a drumbeat. Each of the other bandmates had a heartbeat that sounded like their instrument. I guess music really does come from inside you.


Jimmy Fallon: Justin Long Vs Eli Manning

The audience’s next suggestion was to find an audience member who “looked like a cross between Justin Long and Eli Manning. Sure enough, someone in the audience looked like half of each of them.

There was also a button on Fallon’s desk, and someone wanted him to press it. When he did, a man came out from backstage and was hit in the groin with a football.

Late Night: Christoph Waltz Twitter Etiquette

Late Night: Christoph Waltz Twitter & Super Bowl Puppy Predictor

Django Unchained star Christoph Waltz gave Twitter advice to new users in character, while puppies accurately predicted the 2013 Super Bowl winner. (Featureflash /

Another woman said she was excited about the Super Bowl and loved Jerry Seinfeld. She wanted to see if those could be combined. To do that, Fallon dubbed football with Seinfeld’s voice as the announcer. That sounds like a much more annoying way to watch football.

A Twitter newbie suggested that Christoph Waltz’s character from Django Unchained give a Twitter tutorial. Waltz was happy to oblige, giving simple advice about the rules of Follow Friday.

He also said that if someone favorites your tweets instead of retweeting them, they probably don’t like you and just feel sorry for you.

Jimmy Fallon: Super Bowl Puppy Predictors

Another button mysteriously appeared on Fallon’s desk, and he had to press that one to see what it did. This time, the same man came out from behind the curtain, but Michael Bolton hit him in the groin with the football.

Someone else asked Jimmy to predict the outcome of the Super Bowl using puppies. Five puppies had the chance to choose their winner by deciding between two bowls of food representing each team.

The five golden retriever puppies were very docile. Once they were roused, they just rearranged to find a better nap position. Finally, they clambered out toward the bowls. A total of three puppies chose the Ravens bowl, which turned out to be the correct prediction.

I think we should make all of our decisions using the Puppy Predictor.


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