Jimmy Fallon Late Night Hashtags: #WorstBetEver – Is Las Vegas Real?


Jimmy Fallon: Late Night Hashtags

It’s always fun when Jimmy and his staff put out their ideas for Late Night Hashtags on the social media service Twitter. With the start of March Madness, bracket fever is sweeping the country and there may be a lot of money on the line. With that in mind, the night’s hashtag was #worstbetever.

Late Night Hashtags: Worst Bet Ever

Jimmy Fallon Late Night Hashtags: #WorstBetEver - Is Las Vegas Real?

For the Late Night Hashtag #WorstBetEver, one friend said he won a bet with someone who claimed that Las Vegas was a fictional city only used in movies. (SNEHIT / Shutterstock.com)


What is the funniest or most embarrassing bet you have ever heard about? Fallon said that Late Night fans got the topic trending within half an hour, and thousands of tweets poured in. Here were some of the best picks from viewer submissions.

Jimmy Fallon #WorstBetEver: Is Las Vegas Real?

  • @PaulTrafga – My friend once bet me $40 that Las Vegas only exists in movies, but it’s not actually a real city.
  • @mo_snarf – When my guy friend dressed as Snooki for Halloween I bet that he couldn’t get a guy’s number at the party. He got four!
  • @TheTomMeyer – I bet my friend he wouldn’t punch me in the face. He punched me in the face and then I had to give him $10.

Late Night Hashtags: #WorstBetEver Adoption

  • @cell_wally – A friend and I bet each other $50 on who would get a Prom date first. Neither of us got one.
  • @JackJasonJames2 – I made a bet that the Mighty Ducks would lose at the end of “D2: The Mighty Ducks.” I thought they wanted to teach that losing is okay.
  • @janaland24 – I bet a friend he was adopted. When he asked his parents, they went silent and asked him how he found out.

Jimmy Fallon: Buffalo Wings Worst Bets

  • @GinaGessay – I bet a friend that they could never scare me. They haven’t yet, but I’ve spent years having anxiety when they’re around.
  • @MadLebs – I bet my friends that potatoes were part of the apple family.
  • @RooRivera – I bet my dad that despite his self-proclaimed “perfectness,” he made mistakes too. He said, “Only one” and kissed my forehead.
  • @trdollar – I bet my friends I could eat 50 buffalo wings. I won, then lost so badly the next day.

Do you have a worst bet ever? Share your own submissions in the comments section below.



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