David Letterman: The Bible Sequel & President Obama Sports Bloopers


David Letterman: The Bible Sequel

David Letterman riffed on Lindsay Lohan’s fake pregnancy, President Obama sports bloopers, and The Bible sequel coming to the History Channel.

Late Show: Mets Home Opener

David Letterman: The Bible Sequel & President Obama Sports Bloopers

Will the History Channel air The Bible sequel miniseries? David Letterman said it could star The Rock and be titled The Bible 2: Bible Harder.


Spring and the start of baseball season had David Letterman excited, especially since the Mets won. The Yankees lost their home opener, dashing hopes of a perfect season.

The world’s oldest gorilla died at the Bronx Zoo. She lived for 40 years in the borough, which I guess is a long time for a gorilla. What is your favorite zoo animal?

Regis Philbin was a guest on Letterman tonight, and Dave never misses the chance to rib his longtime pal and fellow broadcasting titan.


David Letterman: Matt Lauer & Lindsay Lohan

Matt Lauer can’t catch a break, according to a new Late Show segment. He was spotted in the stands at a Yankees game, but he had to sit next to Joe Piscopo. I wonder what Piscopo has been up to for the past 30 years.

Dave also talked about the Lindsay Lohan pregnancy joke that sank like a lead balloon. “Today, somebody spotted her shoplifting Pampers,” he said. Did you know Lohan is going on the Late Show soon? Talk about must-see TV.

Late Show: President Obama Sports Bloopers

The White House Easter Egg Roll was held again this year, and “the whole thing was won by a kid from Kenya,” Dave joked.

Then there was the White House clip of President Obama playing basketball and missing multiple shots in a row. That has got to be embarrassing, and it led to a clip package of the president’s sports bloopers in basketball, bowling, and skiing.

In fairness, I don’t think that was him on the slopes.

David Letterman: Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong-Un, the latest North Korean dictator, seems to make Dave laugh. He is threatening to destroy America, but his publicist said that the leader is simply dehydrated and we should not take his threats seriously.

The country is reportedly making nuclear bombs and has missiles that could travel to Los Angeles, where they would have to get an agent before doing anything.

The monologue was interrupted by a German customs official who asked to see his “monkey papers.” This was a reference to Justin Bieber’s recent troubles while traveling with his pet in Europe.

Late Show: History Channel The Bible Sequel

Is television dead? I doubt it. Who’s saying that? The Bible miniseries had a strong showing this spring, amid the shows about pawn shops. The program was such a big hit that it will reportedly spawn a sequel.

The Late Show suggested that The Rock will co-star with Jesus in The Bible 2: Bible Harder. It looks even better than the first one!


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