David Letterman: Russian Meteor Debris From Ural Mountains


Late Show: Russian Meteor Debris

Remember the asteroid that passed by the Earth recently? That was the same week that meteors struck in California, Florida, and Russia. People are fascinated by the meteor debris, and David Letterman talked with actress Laura Erlich, who showed off purported meteor fragments from Russia’s Ural Mountains to the Late Show audience.

David Letterman: Ural Mountains Meteor

David Letterman: Russian Meteor Debris From Ural Mountains

On the Late Show, a woman shared supposed Russian meteor fragments found in the Ural Mountains that resemble celebrities such as Alan Arkin & Tom Selleck.


The meteor landed in the Ural Mountains in Russia, and friends of hers brought meteors back to the university where she works. She said what was interesting about this incident was that some of the chunks resemble celebrities.

She said that one fragment looked like Christopher Plummer, and a side-by-side photo comparison did not clear anything up. Letterman wondered whether the fragments were radioactive, but she insisted they were not.


Late Show: Tom Selleck Meteor

Another rock from her collection supposedly looked like Tom Selleck, which is just ridiculous. How does this woman keep a straight face? She did a great deadpan of the next fragment, which was supposed to be Tom Selleck without his mustache.

“I’m kind of taking your word on this one,” Dave said. “I don’t really see it.”

David Letterman: Alan Arkin Rock

Finally, she produced a rock that looked like Alan Arkin. This rock at least had facial features marked on it, so the prop department at least tried a little bit.

What will become of these rocks? Laura said she is a day manager for Carvel Ice Cream, but she did not say what she will be doing with the box of rocks.

I guess, as Jay Leno says, it’s Friday night and all jokes must go. At least this gag was about last week’s meteor, instead of more stale jokes about Carnival Cruises and the pope. Are you surprised by how often late night hosts repeat versions of the same joke about a similar theme?


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