David Letterman: Papal Conclave 2013 & Dennis Rodman Kim Jong-Un Movie


Late Show: The Bible & Kim Jong-Un

Dave’s Late Show monologue included a fake trailer for the new Dennis Rodman movie with Kim-Jong Un, papal conclave 2013, and thoughts on The Bible miniseries.

David Letterman: The Bible Miniseries

You can still get your large sodas in New York City, and Dave said that citizens everywhere are celebrating. A judge overruled the ban before it went into effect, and Letterman liked his name, Judge Milton Tingling.


David Letterman: Papal Conclave 2013 & Dennis Rodman Kim Jong-Un Movie

David Letterman joked about a movie starring Dennis Rodman and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un and the arrival of conclave 2013 to select a new pope. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

The History Channel miniseries based on The Bible has now put the religious tales on the same channel as Pawn Stars. But in a clip from the movie, God seemed to have some trouble getting his message across at the burning bush.

Late Show: Dennis Rodman & Kim Jong-Un Movie

Dennis Rodman apparently found time to make a movie during his trip to New York. He teamed up with Kim Jong-Un in Un-Stoppable, which seemed to rely heavily on ‘90s footage of Rodman. Sadly, I’m sure North Korea will mistake this for the real deal.


Conclave 2013 is underway, and Letterman even had a heavy metal graphic to commemorate the occasion. Cardinals are now staying at the Vatican’s $20 million guest house and have taken a vow of silence during the process, “just like last night’s audience.”

David Letterman: Conclave 2013

There is a lot of trivia to be gleaned from the wall-to-wall coverage of the Catholic proceedings. “No pope has ever been elected without carrying Ohio,” Dave joked.

The voting slips are put into a silver chalice, which can be reused around the holidays for Secret Santa. The next pope will also be the bishop of Rome.

Late Show: David Letterman Blackjack

The mandate this year is to avoid any candidate with skeletons in his closet. Letterman joked that he had no idea what any priests could be hiding in their pasts.

For his next trick, Dave played blackjack with his cue card man, Tony Mendez. Whatever happened to Celebrity Poker Showdown?


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