David Letterman: Manti Te’O Hoax & Diet Coke Super Bowl Commercial


Late Show: Diet Coke & Manti Te’O

David Letterman shared his favorite Diet Coke Super Bowl commercial, ruminated on the Manti Te’O hoax, and complained about New York City clutter.

David Letterman: New York City Clutter

Dave said that New York City is always trying to improve quality of life for its citizens. Mayor Bloomberg decided to declutter the city by taking down street signs, according to the talk show host, who would rather the city focus on “radioactive steam” and potholes, among other problems on his checklist.


David Letterman: Manti Te'O Hoax & Diet Coke Super Bowl Commercial

David Letterman showed his version of the Diet Coke Super Bowl commercial and his thoughts about the Manti Te’O hoax situation in the media. (Photo Works / Shutterstock.com)

The Harbaugh family dominated the 2013 Super Bowl, and Dave said that he was surprised the family members were not popping up everywhere, even in the Late Show band. He suggested a reality show: Keeping Up With The Harbaughs.

Late Show: Diet Coke Super Bowl Commercial

Dave even shared a sneak preview of a Diet Coke commercial from the Super Bowl. But in reality, it was a commercial about dangerous debris from mowing lawns.


David Letterman recalled the balloon boy news hoax from a few years ago. Weren’t they angling for a reality show? The kid turned out to be hiding in the attack the entire time.

David Letterman: Manti Te’O Hoax

The modern analogue of this was the Manti Te’O story, which Dave said he was not sure how to feel about. The Notre Dame football star found himself in an online hoax relationship with a girl who did not exist.

Worst of all, this went on for four years. That is a long time to supposedly date someone you have never actually met.

Manti Te’O talked to Katie Couric about his ordeal, and Dave joked that he went on Rachael Ray to do some imaginary cooking.

Late Show: Cool/Not Cool

For the Cool/Not Cool segment, Letterman showed a clip of President Barack Obama talking about playing a pickup basketball game for his birthday with NBA players. The “not cool” clip was of former president George W. Bush failing to dribble a basketball.

But Dave laid the blame on Bush’s staff. In other political news, John Kerry took over the role of Secretary of State after Hillary Clinton left the job. Letterman thought the hearings were a bit odd, because there were so many “uh”s in Kerry’s testimony.

David Letterman: Goat News Bloopers

Just to keep me entertained, Dave trotted out a news clip of an anchor being butted by a goat after asking the animal not to eat her pants. How did we laugh about local news before YouTube?


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