David Letterman: Kim Kardashian Baby Names, Easter Bunny & The Bible


Late Show: Kanye & Kim

Dave weighed in on March Madness, baby names for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and the 15th anniversary of Viagra.

David Letterman: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Dave had Donald Trump booked on the show tonight, and referred to his guest as “a colorful individual.” The easy joke about Trump has to do with “that thing on his head,” so at least that is out of the way off the top.


David Letterman: Kim Kardashian Baby Names, Easter Bunny & The Bible

David Letterman suggested rejected baby names for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, as well as thoughts on the Easter Bunny and The Bible miniseries. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are having a baby together and are reportedly engaged. But could they already be headed for a breakup? Letterman said his worst fear is the media blowing it out of proportion.

It’s probably just as well. One of the suggested names for the baby was North, as in “North West.” Dave said they also rejected the moniker “Publicity Stunt.”


Late Show: March Madness Referees

The annual NCAA March Madness tournament continues this week with the Sweet 16. Dave said there are only a few ways to enjoy the games: playing on a team, attending an included school, or gambling on the games.

Apparently there are complaints about the officiating in some of the games, which Dave suggested has led to some financial setbacks for him. In a video he showed, the ref made a basket for one of the teams.

David Letterman: Easter Bunny

Easter is almost here. Dave said that every year he hides chocolate eggs for his son. “And then later in the day, he hides my heart medication,” the host joked.

Will the Easter Bunny see his shadow? Let’s hope so. I’m ready for this dull winter weather to be over.

The White House Easter Egg Hunt is canceled due to the sequester. Also, there was some trouble at last year’s hunt when one of the kids found Obama’s birth certificate, said Letterman. That is definitely a year-old joke.

Late Show: Viagra 15th Anniversary

Pope Francis and retired Pope Benedict had brunch together after Sunday mass. To interrupt the sixth telling of this joke, a chef came onstage to have Dave taste his pasta sauce. When he declared the sauce “fine,” the chef walked away laughing.

It has been 15 years since Viagra hit the market. I guess that sounds about right. It’s another old standard of late night talk show jokes.

Prior to its introduction, Hugh Hefner used a snake charmer for his bedroom health needs, Dave joked.

David Letterman: The Bible Miniseries

The History Channel miniseries The Bible continues to draw big ratings for the cable network. According to Letterman, the show has taken some liberties with its dramatization. For example, one of the miracles involved Jesus hitting a jukebox a la The Fonz from Happy Days.

To conclude his monologue, Dave had a St. Louis police officer frisk him. I guess that’s one way to get out of a segment.


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