David Letterman: Google Glasses Review & 2013 Tax Season


Late Show: Google Glasses & Chuck Hagel

It’s tax season. Have you started your 2013 return? Plus, get the latest on the US sequester, new Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and a look at Google Glasses. Tina Fey was among David Letterman’s guests for the night.

David Letterman: 2013 Tax Season

David Letterman: Google Glasses Review & 2013 Tax Season

David Letterman shared his opinions about the 2013 tax season, the impending government sequester, the new Secretary of Defense, and a Google Glasses review. (m.bonotto / Shutterstock.com)


Have you done your taxes yet this year? Tax season is in full swing, and Dave said that it takes him longer than ever these days to meet with his accountant. At least the guy offered to make Letterman’s conjugal visits, “if you go to prison.”

This week also marks the end of Pope Benedict’s time in the papal office. Dave said that he did “some last-minute pencil whipping.” He also predicted that Denny’s soup would soon be in his future. He will also need a new passport photo now that he can no longer wear the giant pope hat.

Late Show: US Sequester & Chuck Hagel

The fiscal cliff is now in our rear view. Next came the debt ceiling, but was that worse than the cliff? Now sequester is upon us, and Dave’s audience agreed that no one really knows or understands what is going on with these fiscal scare tactics.


The proposed government cuts mean that retiring Supreme Court justices will have to pay if they want to keep their robes, according to Letterman.

Chuck Hagel was confirmed this week as Secretary of Defense. He is bringing the troops home from Afghanistan, “but they’re coming on a Carnival Cruise.”

David Letterman: Google Glasses Review

Dave also marveled at the way we can get instant answers through search engines such as Google. In the old days, you had to look things up in an encyclopedia, or call an expert.

Now, there are even Google Glasses, which Dave said are completely unnecessary and possibly dangerous. In a sample ad, the glasses showed a user getting the weather when looking out the window and having other features available to him.

But as the camera panned out, the guy in the commercial had a laptop strapped to his head. That does seem unwieldy.

Late Show: Pope Benedict Benihana

Letterman said he cannot seem to escape the question of what the pope will do next. Dave said not to worry, because he already has a job lined up after his retirement. “He got a job at the Vatican City Benihana,” according to the Late Show.


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