David Letterman: Coney Island Roller Coaster & Powerball Jackpot


Late Show: Powerball, Easter & March Madness

David Letterman joked about the Coney Island Roller Coaster, the ongoing US budget sequester, and the pope’s second mass. Plus, what are your odds of winning the lottery?

David Letterman: Coney Island Roller Coaster

David Letterman: Coney Island Roller Coaster & Powerball Jackpot

The historic Coney Island amusement park and its roller coaster are back open, after being hit hard by Hurricane Sandy in fall 2012. (Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock.com)


In celebration of spring, Dave said that he might launch a golf ball from a tree in Central Park during the show.

The Coney Island amusement park is back open after sustaining serious damage during Hurricane Sandy in fall 2012. There’s no reason not to cheer about that. Dave said that he loves their 1912 roller coaster.

“Congress okayed $2 billion in emergency cotton candy,” according to Letterman.


Late Show: Budget Sequester & Amanda Knox Trial

After the 2012 presidential election came the fiscal cliff. Dave said all this jargon can be difficult to keep track of. Next came the debt ceiling. That gave way to the sequester, which has been ongoing in recent weeks. Have you noticed any cost cutting as a result of the government budget sequester?

Amanda Knox is poised to be tried a second time for murder, after her acquittal was overthrown. The good news is that she has not been arrested and does not have to return to Italy for the trial. This is why we have double jeopardy in America.

According to Letterman, Italian prisons do not allow visitors, but they do offer unlimited breadsticks.

David Letterman: Sandra Day O’Connor Birthday

Retired Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor turned 83 years old, and “in a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court wished her a happy birthday.” She was the first female justice on the court.

President Barack Obama has named three new national monuments. But do these new sights fit in with American traditions? The inductees include the San Juan Islands, the Rio Grande River, and Kim Kardashian’s butt, which Paul Shaffer called “a national treasure.”

Late Show: Passover & Easter Holidays

Letterman said the White House had its annual Passover celebration, at which the “president pardoned a brisket.”

Excitement about the new pope may be waning. Pope Francis will be doing his first Easter Mass coming up for the holiday weekend.

Dave also joked again about the pope’s wife, Peggy. An audience member did not get the joke, which is surprising because we’ve heard it a few times before on this show.

David Letterman: Powerball Jackpot Winner

A Powerball player won $330 million recently. That family has a lot to celebrate, especially since the odds of winning are 175 million to one. Letterman said he thinks those are the same odds of a Republican White House in 2016.

Your chances of winning the lottery are roughly the same, whether you buy a ticket or not, according to Dave. Do you play the lottery on a regular basis?

Late Show: March Madness Sweet 16

The Sweet 16 portion of the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament kicks off this week. Letterman said he hoped the students involved weren’t neglecting their course work during the games.

Dave also showed preview of the upcoming action, which basically included the Late Show’s official bracket prediction. Have you lost your bracket yet? My philosophy this year was that you can’t lose if you don’t play.


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