Late Show: Luke Wilson Straight A’s Review & Imagine Dragons Perform


Late Show: Luke Wilson Guest Spot On Enlightened

Critics are raving over Luke Wilson’s role on Enlightened, where he plays the main character’s ex-husband, Levi. He meets up with his ex-wife, Amy, played by Laura Dern, while at the same rehab place she found herself in after having a meltdown at her office. Although Levi is not too keen on being in rehab or his frustrating roommate at the center, it offers him a place to deal with some issues in his life.

Late Show: Luke Wilson Straight A’s Review

Late Show: Luke Wilson Straight A's Review & Imagine Dragons Perform

David Letterman invited Luke Wilson on the Late Show to talk about his new movie role in Straight A’s and the Imagine Dragons will perform “It’s Time.” (Featureflash /


Even with his new role on Enlightened, Wilson is still working on movies. In his newest movie, Straight A’s, Wilson plays the brother to an estranged drug addict, Scott, who has been in and out of rehab continuously the past 10 years of his life. Scott is also haunted by the ghost of his dead mother who presses him to return home to a family he hasn’t seen in years and an ex-lover who still has hope for their future together even though she is married to Wilson’s character, Scott’s brother.

It may seem a bit cliche to have a dead mother talking to her living son trying to point him in the right direction, but critics have been able to look past the cliches, saying the acting is more than phenomenal.

Late Show: Imagine Dragons Perform “It’s Time”

The Imagine Dragons, a four piece indie rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada, have been getting a lot of coverage lately although they were relatively unknown only a year ago. They have performed their hit single “It’s Time” on every late night talk show, they were listed by Billboard as one of the best acts to look out for in 2012 and, the highest honor, their single was performed on Glee.



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