Late Show: Lindsay Lohan To Star On Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management


Late Show: Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan Romantically Involved?

Two of the biggest troublemakers in Hollywood are going to be working together soon, and everyone is waiting anxiously for the show to air. Charlie Sheen has reportedly invited Lindsay Lohan to be a guest star on his new sitcom Anger Management where she will play Sheen’s love interest.

After making the generous offer, rumors began flying that Sheen and Lohan are romantically involved but Sheen denies it all. He said he wanted to give her the role because they are both in the movie Scary Movie 5 which comes out around the time the episode will air.


Late Show: Lindsay Lohan To Star On Charlie Sheen's Anger Management

David Letterman will talk with Charlie Sheen about working with Lindsay Lohan on his show Anger Management and why he has been so generous lately. (Helga Esteb /

Even after his explanation people are still wondering if the two might be hiding something. He did hook her up with his designer friend Phillip Bloch when she needed a dress to wear to an event. A dress she destroyed, but nonetheless a nice gesture that could be hinting at more than a friendship.

Late Show: Charlie Sheen Donates Money To Florida Teen

Teagan Marti is a Florida teen who begged her parents to take her to Wisconsin so she could ride a ride called Terminal Velocity at Extreme World in Wisconsin Dells. But everything went terribly wrong when the ride’s nets and bags that are supposed to catch riders did not deploy and Marti suffered internal injuries along with injuries to her spine, brain and pelvis.


After three months in the hospital Marti could walk again but the hospital bills were taking a toll on her recently divorced mother’s finances. To compound matters their house was being foreclosed and the insurance companies had stopped covering the medical bills. Everything was looking abysmal for the family until a family friend sent a letter to Charlie Sheen’s grandfather who happened to be a friend of the family.

Although the cost of the hospital bills was around $6,000, Sheen donated $10,000 to he family to help them with the bills. He also gave her extra money to get a therapy dog trained for Marti.

Hopefully they name him Charlie. And why is Charlie Sheen being so generous lately?


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