Late Show: Dan Mintz Voices Tina From Bob’s Burgers & New Comedy Album


Late Show: Dan Mintz Comedian

Dan Mintz grew up in Anchorage, Alaska where he perfected his deadpan style of comedy. After turning 18, Mintz moved to Boston where he continued his comic career landing writing gigs for Crank Yankers, performing on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and airing his own Comedy Central Presents special in 2008. He also padded his resume with stints writing for Lucky Louie, The Andy Milonakis Show and Important Things with Demetri Martin.

Late Show: Dan Mintz Voices Tina From Bob's Burgers & New Comedy Album

David Letterman and Dan Mintz talk about growing up in Alaska, why he hasn’t come out with a comedy album yet and how he feels about voicing a teenage girl. (Joe Seer /


For everyone more interested in his stand-up career, anyone who is a fan of a Mitch Hedberg one-liner will find Dan Mintz to be astoundingly entertaining. His deadpan humor and 1,000 yard stare above the audience, never actually looking at the audience because he said he is not a natural performer, only adds to his performance.

Although he has yet to come out with a comedy album, Mintz said he will be working on one this coming spring, pointing out it could take him a while since all his jokes are only 20 seconds long.

Late Show: Dan Mintz Voices 13-Year-Old Girl Character

Since his Comedy Central Presents, Mintz has been working as a writer for Bob’s Burgers, where he voices the character of Tina. But it wasn’t the original plan for the show when he was hired. Mintz was supposed to be voicing the character of Daniel, a male character who was changed to a female character after the original pilot was made.


It must be weird to be a 30-year-old male adult who may be best known for voicing the character of a 13-year-old girl.

Either way, Mintz said he is excited about being on the other side of the table this time, getting the credit for voicing the role and saying the jokes, even though the writers came up with the material. And getting paid a full time salary working a part time job isn’t anything to complain about either, even if he has to play the role of a teenage girl.


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