David Letterman: Al Pacino The Godfather & Stand Up Guys Review


David Letterman: Al Pacino

It’s not every day that talk show hosts sit down with a guest who have won an Emmy, a Oscar, and a Tony. That means Dave’s guest Al Pacino, from Stand Up Guys, is just one Grammy short of an EGOT.

Late Show: Al Pacino Filmography

David Letterman: Al Pacino The Godfather & Stand Up Guys Review

David Letterman talked with legendary actor Al Pacino about his role in The Godfather and shared his thoughts on Stand Up Guys, with Christopher Walken. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


To kick off the interview, Dave went through the star’s filmography. 1971’s Panic In Needle Park was his first role, and Pacino said he was “too young for the part.”

Then came The Godfather in 1972, which netted him an Academy Award. Al Pacino seemed disheveled and got bleeped. But Letterman seemed to be comfortable opposite the actor.

David Letterman: Al Pacino The Godfather

Pacino recalled that Francis Ford Coppola wanted him for his now-famous role, but the studio executives were not convinced in Al’s acting abilities. But he got sidetracked from his story by the revelation that he could not see the studio audience.


After reading the book version of The Godfather, Pacino said that he was more interested in the role of Sonny rather than Michael. He said he was more interested in a bombastic role. Al got sidetracked once again and started playing with his hair. After that, he tied a bandana around his head. Maybe this is why Pacino does not do too many talk show appearances.

Late Show: The Godfather & Michael’s Emergence

Letterman recalled the Al Pacino movie Scarecrow, and a hilarious scene during a department store diversion. Al said that he enjoyed the comedic role.

In the end, Coppola saved Pacino from being fired from The Godfather, which would have completely changed both the classic film and Al’s career.

David Letterman: Stand Up Guys Review

It’s hard to even imagine how the movie and our image of Pacino might have turned out differently. He said that Michael’s emergence and transformation were the keys to the film.

You can see Pacino co-starring with Christopher Walken in Stand Up Guys, which Dave said he loved.


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