Late Night: Ouya Android Games, MakerBot 3D Printer & HTC First Review


Late Night: Tech Trends

One thing I have to give Jimmy Fallon credit for is keeping up with the latest gadget trends. To show off what’s new in the world of tech, Joshua Topolsky was back on Late Night with the Ouya, MakerBot, and HTC First review.

Jimmy Fallon: Joshua Topolsky Webby Awards

Late Night: Ouya Android Games, MakerBot 3D Printer & HTC First Review

From The Verge, Joshua Topolsky showed off new tech gadgets including the Ouya game console, MakerBot 3D printer and HTC First review of the Facebook phone.


Topolsky is editor of, and he brought along the buzziest gadgets to share with Jimmy. His website is nominated for five Webby Awards, and he said he was excited to be recognized.

Late Night: Ouya Review – Android Game Console

The Ouya game console runs on Android and sells around $99. It came out of a multimillion-dollar Kickstarter project. Any game you can play on an Android phone or tablet can be played on this open-source platform. It will be in stores nationwide June 4.

Jimmy and Joshua faced off in a game of Stalagflight, and Fallon beat the high score.


Jimmy Fallon: MakerBot Review

The MakerBot Replicator is a 3D printer that makes objects printed out of plastic. Downloadable models and custom designs can be generated, but it does take time to work with. It can make models such as the Empire State Building.

Through a partnership, the MakerBot can also make you a custom case for the Ouya. Later, the MakerBot plans to let you take 3D scans to print replicas. They tested it out by making a bust of Questlove from The Roots.

The printer sells for around $2200, and Joshua said that prices are starting to come down on this type of technology.

Late Night: HTC First Review

The recently announced Facebook Home is an Android app that replaces your phone’s home screen. The inaugural model of this phone is the HTC First.

It has messaging built in and lets your friends’ status updates take over your home screen. The Chat Heads component makes it easy to navigate to your chat from any screen on the phone. It retails for $99 and is in stores April 12 2013.


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