Jimmy Fallon: PlayStation 4 Release Date & Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4


Late Night: PlayStation 4 Review & Guerrilla Games

Sony recently announced its new PlayStation 4, and to preview the new system for the first time on television, Hermen Hulst from Guerrilla Games visited Late Night with the upcoming game Killzone: Shadow Fall. When is the Playstation 4 release date?

Actor Anthony Anderson was also on hand to get a demonstration. The PlayStation 4 has a new controller with a touch screen for easier menu navigation.


Jimmy Fallon: PlayStation 4 Controller

Jimmy Fallon: Playstation 4 Release Date & Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4

Jimmy Fallon had the first televised demonstration of the new PlayStation 4, with a redesigned controller, interactive features, and more memory.

There are new edges on the trigger buttons as well. Then there is also a Share button, which allows gamers to interact with friends. You can use the Share button to clip highlights from your games with friends via social media. There is also a speaker built into the game controller.

Late Night: Killzone Shadow Fall Review

The new game Killzone: Shadow Fall is coming out on the PS4, which has a lot more memory and speed. It has approximately 16x the memory of its predecessor, PS3. That can lead to higher definition, more developed characters, and deeper worlds.


The game also has a slow mode that can enhance the game experience and make it more fun to share it with friends in the game system’s new interface.

Jimmy Fallon: PlayStation 4 Release Date & Killzone 2013

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon had a chance to try out the newest Killzone game, but he will need some practice, because he took a lot more hits than the game developer.

Then Anthony Anderson took the controls, and he had a lot more trouble with the controller. He nearly died in the game, but the expert was on hand to save the day, ending the demo by jumping on a helicopter to escape.

Late Night: PS4 Release Date

When can you get your hands on the latest game system, PS4, and the newest Killzone game? They are scheduled to be released in time for the 2013 holiday season, so you can start saving up now if you are a huge gamer.


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