Jimmy Fallon: Oculus Rift, Razer Edge & BlackBerry Z10 Reviews


Late Night: CES Tech Reviews

What’s the next big thing in personal computing? To get the latest on trends in the tech world, Jimmy Fallon turned to Joshua Topolsky from The Verge. He previewed the BlackBerry Z10, the Razer Edge, and the up and coming Oculus Rift.

Jimmy Fallon: BlackBerry Z10 Reviews

Jimmy Fallon: Oculus Rift, Razer Edge & BlackBerry Z10 Reviews

Jimmy Fallon got the latest on emerging tech gadgets, such as the BlackBerry Z10 phone, the Razer Edge tablet, and the Oculus Rift for immersive gaming.


The new BlackBerry Z10 has been unveiled, and it has completely changed the interface and operating system of BlackBerry.

There is a Time Shift mode on the phone’s camera, which detects faces and lets you adjust them to the perfect moment during your picture taking. That is a cool idea, because there is always one person who is not paying attention during a picture moment.

The phone costs $199 and is available in America in March 2013. What type of smartphone do you use? Tell me in the comments.


Late Night: Razer Edge Review

The Consumer Electronics Show took place in Las Vegas in January 2013. That is where Topolsky saw the Razer Edge, billed as “the world’s most powerful tablet.” It can play full games or dock it as a laptop.

It also comes with an optional game pad that lets you play any full PC game, and the games look great even though it is a tablet screen. The cost is $999 for the Razer Edge tablet and $249 for the dock.

Jimmy Fallon: Oculus Rift Review

Jimmy strapped on the next gadget like ski goggles. It was called the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality device that works with games to create an immersive experience.

The company made $2.4 million for this project on Kickstarter, and now Oculus is sending out $300 developer kits. It could eventually change the way we play games.

Which of these new technologies seems the most innovative to you? Is there any big tech item coming in 2013 that you just have to have?


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