Late Night With Jimmy Fallon: Bad Religion Performs “True North” Song


Jimmy Fallon: Bad Religion Career and Legacy

In 1979, Bad Religion, just four high school kids at the time, opened for Social Distortion during a warehouse show in Fullerton, California. After the show ended, the band enjoyed some airtime on KROQ and from there the band went on to record their first of 16 full length albums, How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

After the album was released, Bad Religion almost broke up for good. Some members quit while another, the guitarist, was sent to rehab for a drug abuse problem. For nearly two years the band floating in purgatory until they were finally able to reassemble and started working on their album, Suffer.


Late Night With Jimmy Fallon: Bad Religion Performs "True North" Song

Jimmy Fallon invited Bad Religion on his show to perform the single off their newest album True North. (Nikola Spasenoski /

For years, Bad Religion garnered attention from close-knit punk rock circles, not achieving any type of mainstream success until their album Stranger Than Fiction hit the Billboard list and landed at number 87, the band’s most successful album to date.

Jimmy Fallon: Bad Religion True North

Since the success of their album in the late 1990s, the band has gone on to be become somewhat of a cultural icon. They have recorded songs for movies, particularly for the movie Clerks, and their posters are seen in countless movies hanging from the walls of characters from Superbad to The Ring. No genre is too different for Bad Religion.


Their symbol, the crossbuster, has gone on to be the symbol for the band and a symbol for anti-authority although the band’s front man, and only original member, Greg Gaffin said it was a bad choice to make the cross with a red prohibition sign over it their symbol. He felt as if they had alienated some religious people who could have benefitted from his music.

Bad Religion is going to be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to perform a song off their album, True North.


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