Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: #Hashtags: Best #HowIGotFired Stories


Jimmy Fallon: #latenight Hashtags

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: #Hashtags: Best #HowIGotFired Stories

For the Late Night #hashtags segment, Jimmy Fallon asked viewers to submit their best #HowIGotFired stories on Twitter, which were featured on the show.

In the #latenight Hashtags segment, Jimmy Fallon and the show provides viewers with a topic, and they can submit jokes as tweets. With the return of Celebrity Apprentice (and most of the craziest contestants), Fallon asked for tweets on #howIgotfired.


Thousands of responses poured in, and the hashtag was trending earlier in the US. Here are some of the best responses, as curated by the show.

Late Night Hashtags: #HowIGotFired

Jimmy Fallon Tweets: How I Got Fired Stories

Late Night: How I Got Fired Tweets

Do you have your own hilarious story of losing a job? Leave it for me in the comments.



  1. Valorous says

    @smithcommabeth is a troll account. I can’t believe Late Night keeps using their tweets. Their profile pic is of singer Jasmine Villegas. The only tweets made are responses to Late Night Hashtags. I think it’s one of their writers posting fake stories that they think are funny. The hashtags become a worldwide trending topic, yet that troll account ends up on the show 5 or more times when they have all those tweets to choose from…

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