Late Night: President Obama Speechwriter & Northeast Snowstorm


Late Night: Mayor Bloomberg & Obama Speeches

The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon monologue reflected on NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s styrofoam cups crusade and the President Obama speechwriter heading to Hollywood. Plus, actor Joel McHale was on the show.

Jimmy Fallon: Northeast Snowstorm

Late Night: President Obama Speechwriter & Northeast Snowstorm

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon joked about an impending northeast snowstorm. (Leonard Zhukovsky /


The Northeast always seems to be getting ready for a snowstorm. But predictions ranged from two to 30 inches of snow, with estimates ranging around a foot of snow, “or as Subway calls it, 11 inches.”

With Al Roker on the show, Jimmy Fallon had to make fun of the Today Show anchor’s bathroom accident at the White House.

Late Night: President Obama Speechwriter

President Obama’s top speechwriter has left the White House to become a Hollywood screenwriter. But according to Jimmy, he has not yet gotten out of speech writing mode. He showed a clip from a chick flick that just reused lines from old Obama speeches.


Chinese New Year in 2013 rang in the year of the snake. “I’m still writing dragon on all my checks,” Fallon said.

Jimmy Fallon: New York City Styrofoam Cups

Runners recently raced to the top of the Empire State Building, but “one of the competitors tested positive for elevator.”

After New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg banned sugary sodas, one of his next targets is styrofoam cups. “I’m starting to think 7/11 slept with his girlfriend,” Fallon said.

Late Night: Scott Brown Fox News

Ex-Massachusetts senator Scott Brown was in talks to join Fox News as a contributor. “First they have to check his background and test his knowledge of current events. And if he fails, he’ll start Monday,” Fallon said.

Jimmy Fallon: Grammy Awards Pros & Cons

With the Grammy Awards held every February to honor music’s best and brightest talents, Jimmy Fallon chose to reflect on the event’s pros and cons. There are ups and downs to everything.

  • Pro – Gotye is nominated for “Somebody That I Used To Know
  • Con – Manti Te’O is nominated for “Somebody I Thought I Knew But Never Existed”
  • Pro – Hearing Taylor Swift perform “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  • Con – Hearing Chris Brown and Rihanna perform “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together…Well Okay. Maybe Just This Once.”
  • Pro – Kanye West is nominated for six Grammys.
  • Con – He has prepared seven acceptance speeches.
  • Pro – Mumford & Sons could win for Best Rock Song.
  • Con – Sanford & Sons could win for Best Theme Song.

What did you think of this year’s Grammy Awards?


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